After the successful independent release of Future of Forestry’s holiday follow up EP, Advent Christmas Volume 2, the band is preparing to embark on their annual holiday tour.   Kicking off on December 3, the tour will cover the western US and British Columbia.

Becoming a tradition to many of their west-coast fans, Future of Forestry began hosting Christmas events four years ago.  It didn’t take long for both the musicians, and the listeners, to realize how much the holiday season was becoming a focus of the band’s music.  With their trademark epic sound and creative instrumentation, modern rock meets with traditional values and creates more of an event than a concert.

This year, the tour will take on a bit of a different feel with the addition of extensive choreographed visual elements adding to the nature of the event.  “Adding video to the Christmas tour has been a dream of mine since its’ beginning,” states bandleader Eric Owyoung.  “Every year the tour seems to grow bigger, and it seems to be taking on a life of it’s own. I think we’re all ready to get out on the road.  Now, the Holiday season doesn’t seem like it’s here without getting to share this experience with our friends we’ve met over the years.”

Vancouver, WA indie favorites Kye Kye will be opening the evening, and several of the band members will be joining the 5 members of Future of Forestry on stage as well for a good deal of their set.

To pull off Future of Forestry’s unique sound live, the band has the challenge of bringing along a myriad of instruments, including the vibraphone, harmonium, glockenspiel, electric cello, violin, trombone and a Japanese drum called a taiko.  This, added to their typical band set up, makes for a sound that is complex, yet never overpowers the true meaning of the songs they are sharing.

For fans in the eastern half of the US, Future of Forestry is offering a DVD from last year’s tour, which is available on the band’s website.

Advent Christmas Volume 2 released in early November through iTunes and on the website.  Over the coming weeks the EP will appear on additional online music sites and physical product will be available at live events during the band’s holiday tour.

Tour Dates

12 / 3 – Simi Valley, CA

12 / 4 – San Diego, CA

12 / 5 – Bakersfield, CA

12 / 6 – San Francisco, CA

12 / 7 – Chico, CA

12 / 8 – Forest Grove, OR

12 / 9 – Coeur d’Alene, ID

12 / 10 – Lake Forest Park, WA

12 / 11 – Richmond, BC

12 / 12 – Tigard, OR

12 / 14 – Albuquerque, NM

12 / 15 – Lubbock, TX

12 / 16 – Dallas, TX

12 / 17 – Ganado, TX

12 / 20 – Scottsdale, AZ

12 / 21 – Show Low, AZ

12 / 22 – Santee, CA

What the critics are saying about Advent Christmas Volume 2:

“…a stunning album. 8.5 out of 10.”  – Soul Audio

“This will certainly be a Christmas goodie that has one original song, as well as an instrumental interlude, along with four covers that amazingly don’t sound like the re-treads that we’re so used to ’round these parts. Grade: A” – Christian Music Zine

“With plenty of influence from across the board and enough unexpected turns to keep one’s interest throughout, Advent Christmas EP, Volume 2 is yet another winning project from Owyoung and his rotating set of musicians. Four and a half stars. “ – Jesus Freak Hideout

“Preserving vintage carol melodies while expressing unique arrangements, the spiritually sensitive six-song set should appease traditionalists and non-conformists alike.  4 out of 5 stars” – Christianity Today

“If you want a fresh take on some Christmas classics or just excellent music in general then you can’t pass this up.  9 out of 10” – Indie Vision Music

“Featuring four traditional holiday classics, an original track and an instrumental interlude, Future of Forestry proves yet again why they are one of most innovative worship acts around.” – Gospel Music Channel

“…this is by far my favorite Christmas album of all time. My recommendation is to pick up both Advent Christmas volumes and you can play these amazing Christmas songs over and over and really get into the true reflective and worshipful Christmas spirit.  100% – A+”,


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