Former MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE Bassist,  Joe Lengson

Premiere’s First Track, “Red or White” From New Project,

The Woodsman’s Babe Exclusively at

Former MyChildren MyBride bassist Joe Lengson has emerged as The Woodsman’s Babe, a sound far from the heavy chugs and guttural screams of his previous endeavor. Influenced and inspired more so by the likes of Fleet Foxes, The National and The Beatles, Lengson’s solo effort carries soft and delicate tones coupled with poetic introspective lyrics detailing personal stories, relationship woes and youthful observations.

His first released track “Red or White” can be heard exclusively at

“Most of my lyrics were at one time poems because I went through a poetic phase a while ago, shortly after my book was released,” states Lengson. “That poem in particular is half about a woman I used to be intimate with a very long time ago… I was always touring and I couldn’t have expected her to wait around for me to get back to California. I wrote many words about her and our experiences we shared.”

About The Woodsman’s Babe:

Joe Lengson cut his teeth in this business by playing bass in the Tooth & Nail/Solid State metal band MyChildren MyBride, a band who toured the world, appeared on television and landed on the Billboard top 200. In addition, Lengson penned and published his own novel Sleeping in Parking Lots while simultaneously touring the globe. After turning down an offer to host his own MTVu music video program, Lengson set his sights on developing what would become the music of The Woodsman’s Babe. The tunes ended up being a great source of catharsis for the artist who found a new freedom in being able to create the music he felt he was suppressing while being enveloped in the metal world. Lengson currently resides in Los Angeles working as a photographer and filmmaker while studying English and making music.

Joe Lengson is available for interviews upon request.

Instagram: joelengson


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