Farewell Flight is a melodic indie-pop rock band from the heart of Central Pennsylvania, where sometimes country kids and preachers’ sons abandon college degrees and steady jobs to chase down the dream of rock stardom, a goal they hope to accomplish with their debut CD for Mono vs. Stereo ‘Out For Blood’ produced and mixed by Grammy-winners Mitch Dane and Vance Powell, available digitally and at tour stops starting July 12.

Farewell Flight’s ‘Out For Blood’ is the fourth release from Mono vs. Stereo, a partnership between Gotee Records and Relient K.  Watch what Matthew Thiessen and Matthew Hoopes of Relient K (also A&R for Mono Vs Stereo) have to say at youtube.com/farewellflightmusic

“We’re very excited about this relationship with MVS. Matt Thiessen and Matt Hoopes first showed an interest over two years ago, at which time we were somewhat wary after being independent for so long. But the continued belief they showed in us and our music, coupled with our observation of how hard they’ve worked for their bands won us over completely.” – Luke Foley

Comprised of singer Luke Foley, bassist Robbe Reddinger, lead guitarist Brian Campbell, and drummer Marc Prokopchak Farewell Flight embodies the spirit of true traveling musicians, having played nearly 700 shows from coast to coast over the last five years of their existence. Through their music and lyrics, the band seeks to bring accessible pop songs that highlight the ups and downs of life in general, drawing from personal experiences to which many people can relate, but especially those going through a quarter-life crisis.

Hear the single ‘Out For Blood’ here: youtube.com/farewellflightmusic

In a way, it’s simple. It’s music, tracks in an iTunes library or on a silver disc, written by four guys who try to bring them to as many people as possible. But in those files and on those plastic album trays is also a desire to embody hope and give it away to others, to be a bright spot in a bleak world. For Farewell Flight, the music is the tool, but the finished product is dependent on the journey and how well their race is run. And although numbness may set in at times when the finish line seems stretched beyond the furthest horizon, and though their shoes are worn and filled with blood, now is the time for a second wind.

The race has just begun. They’re Out For Blood.




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