Yes, we picked another winner (“Pick of the Litter,” issue 133), as Timmy released his major label debut (Word Of Mouth) on Adeline/East West last month. Check out this interview that Timmy did with HM Editor DVP…


If you could be the leading artist of your field, or get Mad Cow Disease, which would you choose?
(no reply)

Okay, when you look around the music scene, do you see the glass half-full or half-empty? How? Why? What do you like/not like of what’s out there?
Half full, there is amazing music out there. You just have to do a little researching online or by asking some of your friends who they are listening to, and where they are finding good music. Pandora is a great place to find music just by typing in your favorite artist. I have been listening to Ray Lamontagne, Radiohead, Brett Dennen, and Travis lately and I have been really enjoying their albums.

How did your recording of your most recent album go? What stories about the songwriting and/or recording will stick with you for awhile?
It was a great experience, I got to record half the album at a new studio in Malibu called Studio At The Shore which was an amazing time. They let me record for a week straight for free, which was so generous of them. Also it was really nice and no pressure recording the other half at my friend and producer Ian Nickus’s house in the Hollywood Hills. I will always remember the excitement and the whole learning proccess of recording. There is so much that goes into recording a record, like patience, timing, and trust. I really learned a lot about myself as a musician, and my friends who played and recorded the album. I am blessed to have such amazing people be a part of this record.

You’ve just transitioned to a major label artist status … how has this transition felt for you?
Its been great. Everyone at Adeline have been so helpful and they have opened up so many doors these last 3 months. I never would of dreamed of having an album out, especially on a label such as Adeline. I am really excited to see where it all goes and to work on future projects with them as well.

How does life as a pro surfer compare and contrast with life and the daily routine as a working musician?
Surfing is different because its more physical, and the adreniline of riding a good wave does not compare to anything. Music is a release for me through writing and playing. There is a rush before you go out on stage that is really fun to look forward to playing shows. I am so blessed and happy to have the opportunity to be doing both right now and I am going to work hard to try and do both as long as I can.

What are some highlights from your life that you will one day be telling your grandkids about?
So far its been getting married to my awesome wife. Other than that its been really a dream come true to compete in the Pipe Masters in Hawaii, and the highlight in the music has been recording and finishing my album.

I understand you’re a believer and know about HM Magazine. What sort of challenges have you faced being a believer in your respective fields?
The same challenges that everyone of us face day to day. I think no matter what job, or field you are in you deal with the same struggles of life.

This has been kind of a short interview… Is there anything else you’d like to comment on?
Thanks for taking the time to do the interview on me, and to all of the readers, never stop trying to do what you love.


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