The brutally heavy Broken Flesh recently signed to Luxor Records, and it’s given the band a shot in the arm. The label will be re-releasing their fantastic debut, Warbound, but for Broken Flesh fans, they’re rolling out a new lyric video for “Scorned.” Vocalist Jacob Mathes chatted with us about the song and what’s coming up in 2015.

In the wake of our new album and the ongoing campaign to promote the kingdom of Heaven, Broken Flesh and Luxor Records have teamed up to re-release our 2013 album, Warbound, and along with it, a brand new lyric video for “Scorned.” Check it out and keep an eye out for our new album coming mid-2015. God bless!

You can follow Broken Flesh on Facebook, or download “Cries of the Dead” from HM!


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