Volz celda B&W
Self Portriat, Prison. 2007
Announcement of Eric’s forthcoming book has generated some interesting News:
  • First early review is in Publishers Weekly, March 15th issue:
There is much pain in Volz’s memoir of being a young American in a near-perfect frameup involving murder, tabloid headlines, police corruption, and political power plays in Nicaragua. In 2005, the author, then in his early 20s, established a bilingual magazine with a friend, settled in a small Nicaraguan town, and fell in love with the beautiful Doris Jiménez. Eventually, Volz moved to Managua, but remained close friends with Doris. So he was stunned in late 2006 to receive a call informing him that she was dead and even more stunned to find himself charged and harshly sentenced for her murder after a trial he describes as involving tampered evidence, coerced testimony, police incompetence, and betrayals. The vignettes of the prisons and cold-blooded inmates are scalding. After a bold campaign by his family and friends to put pressure on his captors, Volz was released and deported in December 2007. Volz describes a web of sinister international political acts involving even Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega, whom he calls corrupt and duplicitous in this tale of everything that can go south for an American facing uncertain justice abroad. 8 pages of b&w photos. (April 27) Publishers Weekly
  • GRINGO NIGHTMARE is available now for pre-order here. Thanks all who have ordered already!
  • Early media coverage:  News that the book is being published and the launch of the Exhibit Hall website resulted in front page stories in Nicaragua:
“Volz is Profiting off the memory of my daughter” English or Spanish
“To Condem Volz would be to ‘Clean’ Image” English. or Spanish.
Volz Feels a ‘Clean’ Conscience” English.. or Spanish..
  • New death threats directed at Eric—both through his website and in the “comments” posted on a popular Nicaraguan website that has published stories about the book. Proper authorities have been notified.
  • Mercedes Alvarado Lanzas (mother of murder victim Doris Jimenez) claims she will sue Eric in U.S. “for profiting on her daughters memory.”
  • Booksigning scheduled in Nashville, TN
Wednesday, May 5th , 7:00 PM
Davis Kidd Booksellers
4007 Hillsboro Road
Nashville, TN 37027
(615) 385-2645
  • Miami / California booksignings and additional events will be announced soon!  Click here to contact Eric about coming to your area for a talk and booksigning.
  • Spanish translation of GRINGO NIGHTMARE—Eric is currently working on getting a translation of the book done.
  • Excerpt of GRINGO NIGHTMARE is coming next!


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