E R I C   C L A Y T O N

– T H E   C O L L E C T I V E   J O U R N A L S –

1 9 9 7   –   2 0 0 9


These are the first ever, non musical, published writings of

Eric Clayton!  This is a Limited, FIRST EDITION work

from one of the most “controversial” and reclusive artists

of our time!  Only 500 copies of this edition will ever exist!

EACH of the 500 copies will be hand numbered and signed

by the author, himself!  By his own admission: “The most

personal, intimate and revealing words I’ve ever written!”

Nearly 200 pages, including 24, full page illustrations

of Eric’s favorite paintings, drawings and sketches

from artists, friends and SM fans around the world!

WARNING:  Some of the content in this publication

could easily be considered “explicit” and may not

be appropriate or recommended for younger readers!

Excerpts and Segments from Eric’s Collective Journals

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For more complete/comprehensive information about the book,

“Eric Clayton / The Collective Journals / 1997 – 2009” visit:


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