Dying Blaze Design Theme Explanation – Customers

Due to the potential misinterpretation of the Dying Blaze art themes for the various versions and limited merchandise for the “Attera Obscurum” release, I wanted to clearly define the messages to be conveyed and thus received between the band name, band logo, album title, and imagery.

Band Name: Lord Castus formed the band name “Dying Blaze” to communicate a multi-message. First, to convey that Christian warriors need to have the eternal flame of the truth of Christ burning without being quenched in their hearts (lives). Second, the band name conveys the status of the church or body of Christ. In many ways it is dead or dying and must be rekindled with the holy flame of the Almighty. Third, Satan would love nothing more than to destroy the bride of Christ, rape her, burn her, and pillage her – to burn the church alive from the insides and outsides. The band logo identifies these three messages.

Band Logo: The Dying Blaze logo was create to convey a dual message, while still retaining the common artistic themes of black metal origins (1st and 2nd wave). The logo is comprised of the face of Satan. The church of Jesus Christ is the crown of Satan. Satan’s crown is inflamed, portraying that he desires to see the church of Jesus burnt, crushed, annihilated, or even snuffed out – extinguished so that no eternal effectiveness can be produced for the Kingdom of Heaven. Also, the church, serving as a crown for Satan, points to the blasphemy and heartless, void of truth, blind ritualism of organized religion, “church” cults, and the occult. At the same time, the body of Christ, His church, is called to live lives inflamed with passion and holy fire like that of Pentecost. The church needs to be ablaze with the truth of Jesus and spearheading His great commission to give testimony of the Good News to all ends of the earth.

Album Title: “Attera Obscurum” is Latin for “To Destroy Darkness” or “Breaking the Darkness”. The album title is a full-out, disclosed pronouncement of spiritual warfare against the forces of hell. The album title boldly presents what Christ-followers are to do in their life in the face of wickedness. The message of the album and its title speak to that of spiritual dealings, struggles, and victories that yield themselves in fleshly bi-products (i.e. either righteousness or wickedness).

Finite Edition DVD Release: Imagery is that of an old stone church with large wooden doors. A multi-layered message is conveyed through this finite packaging as is the case with a majority of Dying Blaze graphics and symbolism. First, the cover art depicts the wooden doors to an old stone church. The doors have been barricaded shut by the log beam that crosses both doors. The barricaded door serves to show that Satan desires to keep the church shut up and burning within its own walls, never fulfilling the great commission. Yet, the log beam has been broken and is on fire! Also, the church door has been defiled or vandalized with the band logo, album title, and track titles displaying a warning to the church (body of Christ) from Christian warriors, such as Lord Castus, of the truth and what must be done to overcome. Second, the flames contained within the church are symbolizing the desire, once more, of Satan to “burn” the church as well as a need for true Christ-followers to arise with flames and be the passionate testimonies that the Word of God beckons to take place.  Throughout the artwork, Lord Castus possesses a torch in which he has used to physically burn the church, implicating the need for spiritual revival and awakening of the truth of Jesus Christ. His warnings to the church (lyrics carved into the inner walls of the church) proclaim the brutality of how dearly needed the words of God are in order to survive this unholy holocaust. Thus, setting the countryside ablaze (burning chapel in the distance). Burn or be burned, so to say.  Lord Castus is one of a few holy warriors/musical prophets that are a portion of the remnant that continues to point the way to the truth of eternity and reality. Third, the 2nd wave of black metal (Norway and sparse portions of Scandinavia) where enthralled with the notion and literal physical act of burning churches (ie. stave chapels, local churches), thus the overall depiction of Dying Blaze’s “burning church” for this finite DVD edition release is applicable to the scene, yet staunchly opposes the blasphemous acts, imagery, and propaganda of black metal as we know it.

Finite Edition Standard Jewel Case Release: Imagery is that of a demon chained to a stone in hell. Inflamed and in anguish, evil will, in the end, be engulfed in the hellish domain of the lake of fire forever. Someday the darkness will be destroyed for eternity. For now, it is alive and we must claim victory and power over the darkness in our lives, in the lives of those we love, those we find hard to love, and the rest of the world.  Truly, we must “Break the Darkness”. The tray card depicts a goat/demon skull that is inflamed within a pentagram in this hellish environment. The back of the tray card depicts Satan, nailed to a cross, burning in hell. The very Roman instrument of death used to crucify Jesus, is the very object that now symbolizes the Lord’s sacrifice and remission of sins for the world, for those who choose to believe. Thus, the very weapon evil used to slay Christ, by the will of God alone, is the very weapon that gives Jesus universal power and judgment. Damn you Satan!

11 x 17 Vertical Lord Castus Poster: Imagery semi-blends the visual aspects of both ““Attera Obscurum” versions of the album (DVD and Jewel Case). Poster depicts the image of Lord Castus transparent within a dried piece of wood, nailed to the old, burning door of a church with three spikes. The chains and pentagram-marked pad lock represent that evil has attempted to bind the powerful spirit of the message that Lord Castus is unleashing. The church is thus chained-up to make it ill-effective! Ravens circle above in the moonlight sky as Lord Castus stands, fierce, in the woods of his homeland, ready to bring the good news of the Gospel to a dark landscape (as perpetuated by the origins of black metal and of course the fallen world).

Dying Blaze “Casting out Darkness” SS Shirt (Sold Out)

The holy black metal shirt to end all shirts! This is the supreme Godfather of in-your-face, spiritual warfare against all evil forces in the bloody name of Jesus Christ shirts, done in the only way black metal conveys it, aggressive and emboldened! Front of the shirt contains the Dying Blaze logo and lyrical phrase “Casting out Darkness” from the track “Darkness is Coming”. Back of the shirt reveals Lord Castus of Dying Blaze crushing a stone pentagram in his hand with the title of the album “Attera Obscurum” splattered across the top and the following lyrics to the track “Dream”:

In the presence of darkness

I looked at everything around me

And I was able to order them to leave

And they were obedient to me

Satan sent his servants

To defile my temple

They ran away as miserable cowards

From the Name of Christ!

Dying Blaze “Attera Obscurum” Album Description

Churning in the epicenter of the cold – world lands of black metal’s unofficial third wave of perpetual development, Ukraine brings forth another prodigy of dark metal – Dying Blaze. The sole member, Lord Castus, offers to all metal – hearts a fast, eruptive black metal style vengeance precisely interwoven with melodic elements that create impactful atmospheres amidst each track. Under the guidance and production efforts of Fedor Buzilevich (Holy Blood/Requital), Lord Castus steps forth with his debut album “Attera Obscurum”. Latin for “To Destroy Darkness”, the album title is a full – out, disclosed pronouncement of spiritual warfare against the forces of hell while ushering in the arcane truth and glorious mystery of salvation that only can be found in the bloody power of Jesus Christ. This is unrelenting true black metal from the heart of Ukraine. For fans of Satanic Warmaster, Sargeist, Watain, Limbonic Art, Taake, Crimson Moonlight, Evroklidon, and Antestor. Even fans of the older forms of Emperor, Satyricon, and Dark Funeral will thoroughly be captivated by the fury and blackened harmony of Dying Blaze. All logos, design, layout, and conceptual development created by Nokternal Hemizphear.

Truly, the church as we know it is dead. Dead spiritually! Dying Blaze comes to us in a time of most utter need presenting biblical truths and eternal power to those who have an ear to hear. A new might is rising!  Lord Castus and those who walk the eternal paths of glory in the brilliance of the Son shall set ablaze the church of the undead. Revived, rekindled, regenerated – torches will be lit on a bleak night, this Spring!!!!


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