cd dicklemair

Dutch Composer Dick Le Mair’s

Musical Journey on

The Way of St. James

Concurrent with the release of “The Way,” the feature film due May 12 about an American doctor’s spiritual awakening while walking The Camino de Santiago, also known as The Way of St. James, Global Recording Artists proudly announces the release of “Impressions of a Pilgrimage,” Dutch composer Dick Le Mair’s magnificent musical interpretation of this very same journey. The CD was originally packaged in the Netherlands with the book “The Pilgrimage” by author Paulo Cohelo. GRA is bringing “Impressions of a Pilgrimage” to the U.S. for the very first time.

None of us share the same spiritual experiences, but those of the film and CD are close. Following a tragic auto accident in his own life, the Dutch composer and percussionist was told by friends about the pilgrimage to Santiago d Compostela. Le Mair not only wanted to do a pilgrimage, he wanted to narrate the long way to Santiago musically.

“The Way” begins as Tom (Martin Sheen) travels to the Pyrenees to retrieve the body of his son (Emilio Estevez) who has been killed in a storm. In a combination of grief and homage, Tom decides to journey on this path of pilgrims, where he meets three other travelers, all seeking their own spiritual awakenings. This is the fourth film collaboration for the father and son.

Composer Le Mair decided to start his journey in January, a time when only a few pilgrims are on the road. He wanted to be alone to focus on his music, but found himself influenced by a series of extraordinary experiences.

Right in the middle of a field he found the Cruz de Hierro which is a destination for pilgrims for ages. At this cross they depose a stone as a symbol for their sins and mistakes, in a little village called O Cebreire Le Mair visited a small chapel where he could worship the chalice of miracles. Centuries ago inside this chalice wine had been turned into blood while divine service. One could virtually feel the presence of hope and love in this oratory. At his destination in Santiago de Compostela the exhausted but happy composer took a long rest in the cathedral.

He decided right then and there that the cathedral’s ancient organ, teamed with voice and orchestra, would serve as the great finale to his work. Getting permission to record the organ at Santiago took quite a long time. But in the end he turned out to be the first artist ever to record this vintage instrument for a CD production.

One year later, the recording was completed and scheduled for release with Global Recording Artists. While designed separately from “The Way,” the timely release of “Impressions of a Pilgrimage” can be seen as either happy coincidence or divine intervention.

Either way, it is indeed time for “Impressions of a Pilgrimage.”


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