This is Taanak from Swiss Unblack/Death band DEMONICIDUTH. We’re back with a new CD-EP after 9 long years out of the scene! Let me give you a brief description of the new CD, entitled THE VALLEY OF DECISION:

  • There are 4 songs, 3 new songs + a cover of Mortification
  • We can definitely label the music Unblack/Death with Thrash elements
  • The new lyrics focus on the importance of Israel in biblical prophecy, the Middle East conflict at the light of The Scriptures and The Return of Christ
  • Production is top quality: layout/design/duplication by professionals, six pages full-colour booklet
If you want to know more, feel free to check us out at:

We will soon have an official website.


Pantokrator 2021

Marching Onward

After being together for a quarter of a century, they've been called Illuminati, fundamentalists, and even fascists. Now, with their first new album in seven years, 'Marching Out of Babylon,' they're honed in more than ever, a steadfast and evolved version of themselves. Andrew Voigt digs a little deeper into the Swedish band's roots, uncovers the narratives on the new release, and finds out how a little playground spat brought the band together.


Photo by Rebecka Gustafsson

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Brian "Head" Welch

Love and Death and Resurrection

After an eight year hiatus, Love and Death return with 'Perfectly Preserved,' an eclectic and personal release for nu-metal icon and frontman Brian 'Head' Welch. Still at the heart of it all, the man with the dreads details his life in the spotlight after returning to Korn, the launch of a holistic recovery center, and his spearheading of an autobiographical documentary. As fresh as he's ever been at 50 years old, he's still got more to give.


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