“take this as an opportunity to discover that talent that hides within a cage” —Absolute Punk

Deemed by Alternative Press Magazine as one of the 100 bands to watch in 2010—Deas Vail are ready to let their voice be heard with the release their Mono vs Stereo retail debut Birds & Cages on January 26.  The band will also embark on endless touring this year starting off with an already sold out 20-city trek with Owl City kicking off on January 21 followed by a spring tour with Copeland (dates below).  

If you’re a fan of melodic music and vocals that have more emotion to them than Lifetime network, than you’ll love Deas Vail” —Young, Poor and Angry Press

“Interesting melodies and incredible vocal control” – The “Birds & Cages contains many layers of meaning – so I urge those intimidated by the band’s “Christian” label to still give this one a shot” – The Punk Site

Deas Vail also extends a helping hand by donating the track ‘The Things You Were’  to Songs For Haiti 2010 Earthquake Relief  ( to help with relief efforts, 100% of money contributed through “Songs for Haiti” will be spread among three charities active in Haiti: Doctors Without BordersRed Cross, and Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund.   Bringing a rare mix of sound with their unique signature style, Deas Vail’s Birds & Cages is the second release from the newly revived record label, Mono vs. Stereo, a partnership between Gotee Records and Relient K.

See them live: With Owl City (dates sold out) 1/21                 Beaumont Club                                  Kansas City, MO
1/22                 Diamond Ballroom                            Oklahoma City, OK
1/23                 The Pageant                                       St Louis, MO
1/24                Egyptian Room                                  Indianapolis,
1/26                 Majestic Theater                                 Madison, WI
1/27                 20th Century Theater                        Cincinnati, OH
1/28                 Newport Music Hall                           Columbus, OH
1/29                 Rector                                                 Towson, MD
1/30                Norva                                                  Norfolk, VA
2/1                   Music Farm                                        Charleston, SC
2/2                  Freebird Live                                      Jacksonville, FL
2/3                  State Theater                                      St Petersburg, FL
2/4                  Culture Room                                    Ft Lauderdale, FL
2/5                  House Of Blues                                  Orlando, FL
2/6                  The Melting Pot                                  Athens, GA
2/8                  WorkPlay Theater                              Birmingham, AL
2/9                  Varsity Theater                                   Baton Rouge, LA
2/10                Revolution Music Room                    Little Rock, AR With Copeland
3/2                  Cat’s Cradle                                        Carrboro, NC
3/3                  Recher                                                Towson, MD
3/5                  Theater of Living Arts                        Philadelphia, PA
3/6                  Middle East                                         Cambridge, MA
3/8                  Bowery Ballroom                               NYC, NY
3/9                  Music Hall                                          Brooklyn, NY
3/11                 Mr. Small’s                                         Millville, PA
3/12                 Musica                                                Akron, OH
3/13                 Small Planet                                       E. Lansing, MI
3/14                Metro                                                  Chicago, IL
3/15                 Varsity Theater                                   Minneapolis, MN
3/17                 Slowdown                                           Omaha, NE
3/18                 Granada Theater                                Lawrence, KS
3/19                 Gothic                                                 Englewood, CO
3/20                Murray Theater                                  Murray, UT
3/22                El Corazon                                          Seattle, WA
3/23                Hawthorne                                         Portland, OR
3/25                Glass House                                        Pomona, CA
3/26                El Rey                                                 Los Angeles, CA
3/27                Slim’s                                                  San Francisco, CA
3/29                UCSD                                                  La Jolla, CA
3/30                Clubhouse                                           Tempe, AZ
4/1                  Emo’s                                                  Austin, TX
4/2                  The Door                                             Dallas, TX
4/3                  The Marquee                                      Tulsa, OK
4/5                  Rocketown                                         Nashville, TN
4/6                  Square Room                                     Knoxville, TN
4/7                  Masquerade                                        Atlanta, GA
4/8                  State Theater                                      St Petersburg, FL
4/9                  Culture Room                                    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
4/10                The Social                                           Orlando, FL
4/11                 The Social                                           Orlando, FL


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