Daniel and Taylor Bastha Share Miraculous “Let Hope In” Song Story at http://danielbashtainvisible.com

The highly anticipated sophomore album from critically acclaimed songwriter/artist/missionary Daniel Bashta, The Invisible, releases today from Integrity Music. Produced by Jonny MacIntosh and J.T. Daly (Paper Route), here is what the critics are already saying about The Invisible:

The Invisible picks up where The Sounds of Daniel Bashta left off. With a gutsy, raw and gritty sound, this project delves deep into conviction, courage, and compassion. From the first song, I Want It All (Just Give Me Jesus), to the last album on the track, Behold The Lamb, we can’t help but turn our attention towards God and His Kingdom. We highly recommend The Invisible for worshipers of every age and for churches and worship ministries of all sizes. You’ll definitely be adding these songs to your Sunday Setlists!” –TheWorshipCommunity.com

“This is a five star album that needs to be a staple in the collection of every worship leader. This album is raw, passionate and focuses on the Lord first and foremost…. You could easily make an argument to call every track on this album a standout, and easily use every song in the context of a local body of believers…recommend purchasing it as soon as you can.” – AllAboutWorship.com (5-Star review)

“The sound of the album, for lack of a better word, is big; it is emotive, dynamic, voluminous, and dripping with passion.” – JesusFreakHideout.com

“Daniel is a singer who sings without fear and with so much meaning. He is a creative songwriter, his own man, writing song of quality and style. I am a massive fan of this album, and for me there wasn’t a single bad track…real spine tingling stuff from Daniel and I didn’t want it to end.” – LouderThanTheMusic.com (5-Star review)

“Daniel Bashta’s songs are all musically layered with his explosive, raw vocal interpretation which are suited for corporate worship and are a full-tilt revelation of God’s presence…Daniel has taken the next step forward in establishing his unique brand of vulnerable, sincere and gourmet worship songwriting.” –NewReleaseTuesday

“Bottom line…if you are seeking music that is passionate and honest to push you forward in your walk and to be the soundtrack to your desperate quest to find more of Jesus, then The Invisible will fit the bill perfectly.” – About.com

In addition to the CD, an exclusive The Invisible iTunes® LP is also available today, and features three song story videos, a spoken word video trailer (featuring Amena Brown), lyric videos for “Let Hope In” and “Praise The Invisible,” The Invisible Journey video trailer, handwritten lyrics, downloadable chord charts and instrumental versions of all the songs.

Music fans and worship musicians alike are also encouraged to check out the song devotionals, chord charts and videos at http://danielbashtainvisible.com.  One of four videos featured is the “Let Hope In” song story as told by Daniel and his wife Taylor. A featured track on The Invisible, “Let Hope In” chronicles the couple’s literal, spiritual devastation of infertility and the hope that led to healing, adoption, pregnancy and their newborn baby.

Writing from a place of angst and determination, Daniel says in the video: “The verse is, I speak to barrenness / I command life within / Come live you desolate / Spring up you living well… I was looking at our situation and I was telling it what to do.  The crazy thing is that a few months later we found out we were pregnant.”

“It’s a powerful declaration that no matter what you are hoping for, the Lord knows that and He sees that.  He hears our cries, and our only responsibility is to just let that hope live inside of us,” shares Taylor.

Impassioned to wake this generation with his 2011 debut, The Sounds of Daniel Bashta, which sparked the worship anthem “God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion)” that was also recorded by Newsboys, David Crowder Band and others, Daniel Bashta writes The Invisible songs during a season of hope and healing in his family’s life and in his new role: fatherhood. Song after song, the album gives voice to the faith of a generation willing to open the door for the miraculous, redemptive work of God to infiltrate everything.  Musically layered with Bashta’s explosive, raw vocal interpretation, The Invisible isn’t so much corporate worship as it is a full-tilt revelation that it’s time to get real.

A missionary kid who grew up immersed in ministry all around the globe, speaking life and hope into a dark world has been Daniel Bashta’s life-long passion. This year he contiues that journey, taking his music and message internationally to Brazil, Mexico and Rwanda, with additional events in North Amercia with Charlie Hall and Jake Hamilton.

Educated at the Worship Institute of London and heavily influenced by the ministry of Soul Survivor, his path of ministry reads like an intertwining stream. Currently serving as worship pastor at RiverStone Church, just outside of Atlanta, GA, he launched GoMotion (www.gomotionworldwide.com) in 2009, a non-profit ministry that marries music, media and missions for global impact. And in 2013, he will launch The Roar, a missions training school aimed at the “rapid deployment of mission pioneers.”

For more information on Daniel Bashta and The Invisible, go to http://danielbashta.com/.


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