CD Track Listing

1. Cry Out
2. Break Down The Wall
3. Power Games
4. Stick To Your Guns
5. Sacrifice
6. Shame
7. Home Again
8. Paradise
9. It’s All Right (To Rock-n-Roll)
10. No Boundaries
11. The Big Picture
12. Snakes In The Grass

DVD Content

1. The Crystavox Story- 55 Minutes
2. The Early Days
3. Getting Bigger
4. Tough Boys
5. Changes
6. Signed
7. Hit Single
8. Its All Right
9. The Bottom Line
10. Stick To Your Guns
11. Who We Are
12. No Boundaries
13. Paradise
14. Exit Stage Left
15. Thank You


16. Break Down The Wall- LIVE
17. Stick To Your Guns- LIVE
18. The Big Picture –LIVE
19. Paradise
20. Snakes In The Grass
21. No Boundaries
22. Tough Boys
23. In Your Arms

These tracks have all been completely restored and remastered directly from the master tapes!

But not only that…

Many additional pieces and music were re-recorded to bring this collection truly in to the modern day!

So if you think you have heard these songs before! GUESS AGAIN!

Adam Lee Kemp lead singer of Crystavox recently stated in an interview with HM Magazine…
“When we heard the original material, each of us agreed that there were immaturities and creative gaps in the presentation that were driving us crazy! Consequently, Loren and Fred went to work adding subtle guitar overtones, revised bass compression and new drum samples. These served to bridge those audio gaps in hopes to make the remix a more palatable project…”

We had a few minor delays but this Strictly Limited Edition set is scheduled for release on August 17, 2010!

If you get your orders in quick you will also get a THIRD Exclusive Bonus disc!

Featuring 7 previously unreleased tracks from the bands personal archives!

Pre-Sale Exclusive Bonus Disc

1. Through The Storm-1987 EP (Previously Unreleased)

2. Summit 96- 1996 Promotional Youth Camp Track (Previously Unreleased)

3. The Road Less Traveled- 2002 Studio Scratch Track (Previously Unreleased)

4. Your Mercy- Praise & Worship (Previously Unreleased)

5. No Turning Back- 1987 EP (Previously Unreleased)

6. You Are The One- 1987 EP (Previously Unreleased)

7. Fame- Windows & Mirrors 1987 (Previously Unreleased track from Windows & Mirrors an early incarnation of Crystavox) *

* You’ll have to watch the DVD to get the story on this one!

So get those orders in now! Once the Pre-order is over the bonus discs will be LONG GONE!

Visit for full details


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