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(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) – In the new film Conflict: The Power of Propaganda (Joe Israel Productions), director Chris Atkins goes behind the headlines and past the media bias against Israel to present a fair and realistic picture of what is actually happening in the Middle East. The fast-paced documentary exposes the rampant propaganda and challenges viewers to recognize the calculated deception and its ties to both extremism and terrorism on a global scale.

“As an outsider, as a non-Jew, it was important to me to make this film because someone had to give Israel a fair ‘voice’ in the media,” says executive producer Joe Amaral. “Israel has always been on the defensive when it comes to the media—always having to apologize for protecting its citizens from terrorist attacks and enemy nations.”

Conflict: The Power of Propaganda presents an unbiased look at a variety of issues that affect the region, including proposed “land for peace” deals, what history has to say about Israel’s borders, how the Six Day War was a miracle from start to finish and how the security fence is both the most humane and effective measure to prevent terrorism.

And most importantly, the filmmakers go inside the world of the Palestinian media, documenting how Palestinian propaganda seeks to rob the Jewish people of their rich history in the Land of Israel. Alarming video evidence shows how school children are taught and encouraged to aspire to kill Jews and to become suicide bombers.

The Hamas organization, a terrorist group whose very charter clearly states that its goal is the destruction of the Jewish State, has successfully managed to turn the focus of the conflict from politics to religion. Radical Islam is on the rise and openly promotes hatred and violence towards the Jewish people, not only in Israel but around the world.

”The West is afraid to tackle this issue because of the possible repercussions,” explains Amaral. “Let’s be honest: if you confront or criticize someone within either Christianity or Judaism, there is no fear of retaliation. However, when someone confronts Islam, history has proven that the repercussions are severe.”

With all the propaganda and extremism, many observers wonder if peace can ever come to the war torn region.

“Islam needs bold leaders to criticize and condemn those who support and act upon the extreme elements of Radical Islam,” states Amaral. “The Palestinian Authority needs to stop teaching hatred and incitement in their school systems and on their television programming. When peace education replaces hate education, then, and only then, can there be hope for peace.”

Joe Israel Productions is currently seeking distribution for an early 2010 theatrical release, as well as festival and broadcast opportunities and a future DVD release for home viewers. For more information, contact Joe Israel Productions at 905-864-3158.

About Joe Israel Productions:
Joe Israel Productions is a Canadian based film company, operating with the primary goal of providing high quality documentaries and films that both inform and inspire people about issues relating to Israel. Founded by filmmaker Joe Amaral, Joe Israel Productions works closely with the Israeli government, the archaeological community and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem and Toronto. Amaral’s award-winning documentary Unearthed—The Talpiot Tomb is currently airing on TBN.


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