The guys in For Today just announced their CD release tour yesterday, and I’m so happy to see their faces on the cover of your Sept/Oct issue.  Close Your Eyes (the Victory Records band I manage) will be touring with them, along with Venia and Oceano.

The tour dates for For Today’s CD Release tour with Close Your Eyes, Venia, and Oceano are
August 26 in Monett, MO;
August 27 in Sioux City, IA;
August 28 in Buffalo, MN with both an early and late show;
and August 29 in Fargo, ND.

And a brief note from Sharon about Blessed By A Broken Heart on the Scream the Prayer Tour…

One of the bands who had trouble getting to San Antonio on the Scream the Prayer tour was Blessed by a Broken Heart.  They ended up staying at my house near Houston for an entire week trying to find a replacement vehicle.  Their bus was unrepairable and went to a scrap dealer, plus they got robbed at the tire facility where they left the vehicle.  Once they finally got a new vehicle, it broke down in Schulenburg and needed a new belt late on Saturday night.  They went into a restaurant there to wait for the repairman and got kicked out.  Seems that the small town folks in Schulenburg didn’t like the looks of long-haired, tattooed musicians.  After they finally got back on the road, an axle on their trailer broke down, and they had to unload the entire trailer and rent a U-haul truck to transport their gear to Albuqueque (tonight’s stop on Scream the Prayer).  Please pray for them…..they’ve really been through the wringer and are nervous about getting back out on the road!

Thanks for everything you and HM Magazine do!
-Sharon Callaway, Manager
Close Your Eyes

I didn’t know the guys in BBABH at all until I picked them up in Sealy where they broke down.  But I serve as a host home for RYFO, and have been honored to host a lot of different bands over the last year or so.  I caught about 30 seconds of their set at Scream the Prayer tour, so I really couldn’t say much about their ministry vs. artist position.  They went to church with me last Sunday, and interestingly enough, the sermon was about how to stand up to spiritual warfare.  I thought with all their troubles that it was a really helpful sermon! And you’re right, they’re really cool and humble guys.


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