Taking time from the road, CLOSE YOUR EYES will be stopping by Victory Records HQ this Friday, May 7th to chat live with fans at 1PM CST / 2PM EST. The band will be answering your questions, so come prepared! You can RSVP for the live chat at: www.ustream.tv/channel/victory-records.


Giving every ounce of their being over to everything that they set their minds to, CLOSE YOUR EYES blew the top off of the Abilene, Texas music scene and has brought their high energy, passionate brand of hardcore to the masses. With one listen of their Victory Records debut, We Will Overcome, audiences everywhere will notice the authenticity of this spirit-filled, hardcore outfit.

Shane Raymond (Vocals) and Brett Callaway (Guitar/Vocals) first met at Hardin-Simmons University. Being the only two “hardcore” kids in the cafeteria connected them immediately. This encounter stirred the realization that the pair had a common ambition; to write and play music of their own.

“We started searching for other musicians to round out the lineup,” explains Callaway. “Some of those members lasted longer than others. Our first bass player might have played five shows with us at the very most. After a couple of tryouts and one disaster of a show where I let someone else play guitar so that I could play bass, we recruited Sonny. He really complemented the rest of the group and that’s the point where we began to grow.” After some tumultuous, additional member changes, guitarist Andrew Rodriguez stepped in and David Fidler took over on drums. That’s when CLOSE YOUR EYES hit the ground running.

CLOSE YOUR EYES has been going strong with their current lineup for over two years now and includes: Shane Raymond (Vocals), Brett Callaway (Guitar/Vocals), Andrew Rodriguez (Guitar), Sonny Vega (Bass), and David Fidler (Drums).

CLOSE YOUR EYES channeled the energy of classic DIY, hardcore punk and took it a step further by applying real melody, clean vocals and incredibly catchy hooks; never sacrificing the ferociousness that accompanies genre. The band finally found their footing after taking the bare-boned power of a band like COMEBACK KID and mixing it with the melodies of RISE AGAINST and A DAY TO REMEMBER, all while infusing their shared dedication to their faith.

With this massive sound and inspirational lyrics, it was no surprise the band receives such an intense response to their music and especially their live show. Speaking about the progression of the songwriting in his eyes, Shane explains, “It took me a long time to find my ‘voice’ and the things I really wanted to write about. Right around when we wrote ‘Song for the Broken’ I discovered that I could use lyrics to really express what’s in my heart.” One of the band’s biggest lyrical focuses comes from highlighting the ‘broken’ and needy people in the world. “It doesn’t take a specific religion to see that a lot of people in America are hurting. I really started having a heart for these people and saying, especially from a Christian standpoint, that we are being selfish.”

Make no mistake, although heavily influenced by their Christianity, the group don’t plan on selling out their faith in exchange for their fame. “We don’t hide who we are, but a big reason we don’t emphasize the fact that we’re a Christian band is because we don’t want our faith to be our primary marketing point. I would prefer if someone approached me after hearing our lyrics and questioned if we’re a Christian band, because then I can say ‘I am a Christian… and this is why’.”

Be sure to catch CLOSE YOUR EYES when they come through a town near you.  Dates are as follows:

With – The Overseer and Kid Liberty

May 5, 2010          Zanesville, OH, US @ The Shot Shot

May 6, 2010          Westland, MI, US @ THE TOKEN LOUNGE

May 7, 2010          Elgin, IL, US @ Mad Maggies

May 8, 2010          Buffalo, MN, US @ The Vault

May 9, 2010          Iowa City, IA, US @ Blue Moose

May 10, 2010        Sioux City, IA, US @ JEFFERSON COMMUNITY CENTER

May 11, 2010        Omaha, NE, US @ SOKOL UNDERGROUND

May 13, 2010        St. Louis, MO, US @ Fubar

May 14, 2010        Camdenton, MO, US @ The Warehouse

With – It Prevails

May 31, 2010        Denver, CO, US @ CERVANTES

Jun 1, 2010            Salt Lake City, UT, US @ The Outer Rim

Jun 2, 2010            Garden City, ID, US @ Brawl Garage

Jun 3, 2010            Spokane, WA, US @ The Blvd w/ It Prevails

Jun 4, 2010            Olympia, WA, US @ Black Lake Grange

Jun 5, 2010            Portland, OR, US @ SATYRICON

Jun 8, 2010            Sacramento, CA, US @ Javalounge

Jun 10, 2010          Canoga Park, CA, US @ The Colbalt Cafe

Jun 11, 2010          Phoenix, AZ, US @ The Old World Brewery

Jun 12, 2010          El Paso, TX, US @ Sidewinders

Jun 13, 2010          Midland, TX, US @ The Pine Box

Jun 14, 2010          San Antonio, TX, US @ The White Rabbit

Jun 15, 2010          McAllen, TX, US @ The Incubator

Jun 16, 2010          Houston, TX, US @ The Junction

Jun 17, 2010          ARLINGTON, TX, US @ LIVE @ PHIL’S

Jun 18, 2010          Abilene, TX, US @ ABILENE CIVIC CENTER

Jun 20, 2010          Conway, AR @ SOUNDSTAGE

Jun 21, 2010          Memphis, TN, US @ The Abbey

Jun 22, 2010          O’Fallon, IL, US @ RJ’s

Jun 23, 2010          Iowa City, IA, US @ The Picador

Jun 24, 2010          Buffalo, MN, US @ The Vault

Jun 25, 2010          Mankato, MN @ WHAT’S UP LOUNGE

Jun 26, 2010          Frankfort, IL, US @ The Lighthouse

Jun 27, 2010          Grand Rapids, MI, US @ The Underground

Jun 28, 2010          Southgate, MI, US @ THE MODERN EXCHANGE

Jun 29, 2010          Bushnell , IL, US @ CORNERSTONE MUSIC FESTIVAL

Jun 30, 2010          Bushnell , IL, US @ CORNERSTONE MUSIC FESTIVAL

Jul 1, 2010             Bushnell , IL, US @ CORNERSTONE MUSIC FESTIVAL

Jul 2, 2010             Toledo, OH, US @ Frankie’s

Jul 3, 2010             Jackson, MI, US @ The 789

Jul 4, 2010             SANDUSKY, OH, US @ LYMAN HARBOR

Jul 5, 2010             Williamsport, PA, US @ The Game Room

Jul 6, 2010             Albany, NY, US @ Bogie’s

Jul 7, 2010             Haverhill, MA, US @ Anchors Up

Jul 8, 2010             Windham, CT, US @ The Franco American Club

Jul 9, 2010             Long Island, NY, US @ The Lindenhurst Moose

Jul 10, 2010           Manville, NJ, US @ MANVILLE ELKS LODGE

Jul 11, 2010           Wilmington, DE, US @ Mojo 13

Jul 13, 2010           BURLINGTON, NC, US @ SAINT MARK’S CHURCH

Jul 14, 2010           Summerville, SC, US @ SUMMERVILLE AMERICAN LEGION

Jul 15, 2010           Savannah, GA, US @ Sweet Melissa’s

Jul 16, 2010           Tampa, FL, US @ Transitions

Jul 17, 2010           West Palm Beach, FL, US @ Ground Control

Jul 18, 2010           Orlando, FL, US @ H2O

Jul 19, 2010           Marietta, GA, US @ Swayze’s

Jul 20, 2010           Madison, AL, US @ MULTIPLEX

Jul 21, 2010           Herrin, IL, US @ HITTS

Jul 22, 2010           Flippin, AL, US @ The Warehouse

Jul 23, 2010           Tulsa, OK, US @ The Wolves’ Den


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