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This Mother’s Day, reconnect your world with the mother and grandmother you love like never before with CEIVA’s PicturePlan® Photo Sharing Service! We all know that families spread throughout the country can end up in different states and time zones with busy days making it harder and harder to connect on a regular basis. Attempting to stay connected through missed phone calls and email tagging can lead to the feeling that you are trying to connect two different worlds. Thanks to CEIVA Connected Photo Frames your world is now easily their world. Reconnect with your mom and grandma this Mother’s Day like never before with CEIVA’s PicturePlan Photo Sharing technology giving you the opportunity to share your pictures and your world with them no matter how far away!

Make Your CEIVA the Ultimate Gift!

While you are at it, you know mom would love it if you subscribe her to any one of CEIVA’s great Channel options included FREE with her monthly service plan.  Select from such favorites as Local Weather, Calendar,, Recipe-a-Day, Pet Channel, Scenic Destinations, New York Times, ABC News, Flower-a-day and much more!  You can make grandma a digital calendar using all your own family photos too!  And they’ll both love it when you use the Countdown Channel to count down to their favorite holiday, birthday, special event or upcoming family reunion.  You can even set-up an album for each grandchild’s special moments!

CEIVA Connected Photo Frames eliminate the distance between mothers and children, grandparents and their grandchildren, moms and dads and their college students, and relatives and friends everywhere. The frames can also bring siblings strewn about the world into each other’s living rooms and dens. A phone call can go a long way in staying in touch with loved ones, this is true. However, no amount of words, regardless of how descriptive they might be, can capture the emotion of the moment quite like a CEIVA frame can. The priceless smiles from the kid’s soccer team or the enormous size of the championship trophy can only be described best through photos shared on your CEIVA.

CEIVA frames are the only picture frames that update automatically through a phone line or WIFI connection each night. With CEIVA’s practical PicturePlan® Photo Delivery Service, your circle of family and friends can enjoy an endless automatic display of photos sent from everyone, from anywhere — even from a camera phone, email, your Facebook and more. You’ll receive an unlimited photo storage account at, photo customization tools, and the ability to send photos and written greetings — straight to your community of CEIVA frames—– all year long. With the PicturePlan Lifetime Warranty, your CEIVA will always be replaced or fixed for free for as long as you have the service. Everyone can connect by either Wi-Fi, Ethernet or telephone line (for those without computers — like grandpa!). Members can also invite anyone else to create a free photo storage account at and send photos — even if they do not own a frame. Everyone can utilize CEIVA’S U.S. based toll-free Customer Care line at 1-877-692-3482. For more information on products and special offers, visit

About CEIVA Logic, Inc.
CEIVA,, (see-va) the inventor of connected digital photo frames, provides lifestyle-enhancing products that enable families and friends to automatically share and display an endless slideshow of all their treasured photos. CEIVA Digital Photo Frames™ with PicturePlan® allow members to send photos directly to the frame from anywhere in the world, store an unlimited number of photos online and enjoy the worry-free PicturePlan® Lifetime Warranty. Patented technology exclusively from CEIVA is designed for every generation to use with ease so that daily photo sharing is always a rewarding experience. CEIVA products are available at and at select retailers. CEIVA headquarters are located in Burbank, CA.

If you’d like to share photos on the HM Ceiva frame, connect via facebook to our frame.


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