With Castanets’ Texas Rose, The Thaw, and The Beasts released on Asthmatic Kitty in late September, Ray Raposa and company have been feverishly globetrotting, and are currently on a full European tour with Temporary Residence recording artist Lazarus. Castanets will barely have a chance to unpack their bags, though we are told Raposa only owns two t-shirts, before they need to pack up again and head down under for an Australian and New Zealand tour. Once they return Castanets will hit the road in the U.S. touring down and back to SXSW. In other words Castanets will be on the go for roughly five months. In celebration of this new album, we are presenting you with a bunch of Castanets-related treats – new videos, a remix by Lucky Dragons, and a link to stream the new album in its entirety on the Asthmatic Kitty website. Enjoy!

Texas Rose, The Thaw, and The Beasts streaming on Asthmatic Kitty site:

What most are agreeing to be Raposa’s most accomplished and accessible record to date, Texas Rose is currently streaming on the Asthmatic Kitty website for public consumption. One listen will be sure to cement the record as a fave of 2009 and support Castanets contributions to the American music canon as one of strange, experimental defiance, tempered by impeccable pop crafting.

Stream Castanets’ Texas Rose, The Thaw, and The Beasts here: http://asthmatickitty.com/akradio/launchers/launch-akr066.html

New Videos:

Two new videos are available for the songs “My Heart” and “On Beginning” off of Texas Rose. Boston independent filmmaker Jeff Stern offers up a beautiful interpretation of “My Heart,” with themes of survival and desperation. Meanwhile, graphic and conceptual artist Ryan Irvin creates a digital post-minimalist animation that breathes subtly with every blip and beep of the music. Check them out here and feel free to embed.

“My Heart” (video by Jeff Stern): http://vimeo.com/6487776

“On Beginning” (video by Ryan Irvin): http://vimeo.com/6661787

Lucky Dragons Remix:

There’s no doubt Castanets are on a creative streak, with Texas Rose being Ray’s 4th release in the last 3 years (not to mention a dub version of City of Refuge and a collection of Hank Williams covers). Experimental sound artists Lucky Dragons are no strangers to prolificacy either, releasing 19 records since 1999. Perhaps it’s this need to continue creating that has brought these artists together, resulting Lucky Dragons’ stunningly disorienting remix of Castanets’ “Worn From The Fight (with Fireworks).”

Listen to/download “Worn From The Fight” remix by Lucky Dragons here: http://asthmatickitty.com/mp3/castanets_-_worn_from_the_fight_remix_by_lucky_dragons.mp3

Finally, check out these previously released tracks from Castanets, including the haunting remix of “My Heart” by Jagjaguwar artists Odawas, and the original version of “Worn From The Fight (with Fireworks).”

“My Heart” – Odawas Remix: http://asthmatickitty.com/mp3/castanets_-_texas_rose_the_thaw_and_the_beasts_-_my_heart_remix_by_odawas.mp3

“Worn From The Fight (with Fireworks)”: http://asthmatickitty.com/mp3/castanets_-_texas_rose_-_worn_from_the_fight_with_fireworks.mp3

A hi res jpeg of Castanets by Mia Ferm is available for download here: http://pitchperfectpr.com/images/hires/castanetsbymiaferm.jpg

Castanets Online:





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