Pop/rock trio Canopy Red announced today that their new single, “Space Between,” is now available at iTunes. With their new single, the Tallahasee, Florida based band confronts the struggle that many believers face in trying to find a way to talk to their loved ones about their faith in God.

“I think we all have at least one person in our lives that we’d like to talk to about God that we just are unable to for some reason,” explains frontman Forrest Krazit. “Whether it’s the pressure that we feel or we’re scared of rejection, and for me this definitely rings true. I’ve wanted to share my faith with my dad for so many years and I’ve been unable to. And that’s the great irony of this whole thing is that often times the people we’d like to talk to about God are the people that matter the most but we just can’t get it out.”

Krazit continues, “‘Space Between’ is a song we wrote that’s just born out of the turmoil that I’ve faced in my own life trying to get up the courage and the strength to talk to my dad about God. So this is everything that I’ve always wanted to say.”

In addition to the iTunes release, “Space Between” is being released to CHR and Christian Rock radio stations this week, with promotion through Seth Holloway at Least of These Promotions.

While Canopy Red may be still making its way through the Christian rock ranks, the Creative Soul Records band makes it clear that their goal is to impact their generation with the Gospel, coupled with undeniable musicality that brings to mind modern-rock innovators like Sanctus Real, The Fray, Relient K and The Afters. They have partnered with OneVerse, a ministry organization whose mission is to accelerate Bible translation for the millions of people throughout the world waiting for God’s Word to be translated into their own language.

For more information, please visit: http://www.canopyred.com/.


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