Creative Soul Records band Canopy Red has partnered with OneVerse, a ministry organization whose mission is to accelerate Bible translation for the millions of people throughout the world waiting for God’s Word to be translated into their own language. Canopy Red will work with OneVerse to raise awareness and funds to help translate the Bible into the Arew language in Tanzania. With a population exceeding 500,000, the Arew people will receive God’s Word in their own language for the very first time.

“We are excited about partnering with OneVerse ministries because of their commitment to reaching others with the Word as well as sharing our passion for inspiring the church to be confident and stand firm in God’s word in their everyday lives,” said Canopy Red frontman Forrest Krazit of the new partnership.

Though it’s only been a few months since the November release of Canopy Red’s self-titled debut EP, the Creative Soul Records band has been drawing attention from Christian music fans nationwide thanks to a flurry of activity and comparisons to such artists as Sanctus Real and The Afters. Canopy Red has been profiled on Focus on the Family’s PLUGGED IN Podcast and Campus Crusade for Christ Radio, and they were featured at as part of their month-long ROCKTOBER promotion, alongside established rock acts like Stryper, Pillar and Manic Drive. Their debut music video “Falling Apart” has received significant airplay on major outlets like JCTV, Control Track and Steelroots, as well as online destinations like

With the new year comes the launch of Canopy Red’s new radio single “All Around Me,” which is shipping to Christian radio stations nationwide this week. “I am really excited to introduce these guys to radio,” says Nashville-based radio promoter Chris Chicago. “They have a perfect blend of rock, pop and worship that is perfect for Christian radio. During these times of uncertainty, it’s great to be reminded that God is ‘All Around Me.’ This song will fit right in on playlists all over the country!”

Produced by Eric Copeland, Canopy Red is available exclusively at iTunes from Creative Soul Records.

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