Spoken word poet turned folk singer songwriter Bradley Hathaway has digitally released his fourth album entitled A Thousand Angry Panthers. The four song EP is a quick emotional glimpse into the recent life of Hathaway. Loss, love, searching and faith intertwine themselves throughout Panthers all the while we enjoy the soft twang of Hathaways contagious voice.

We live in a world that is suffering from the epidemic of distraction. Constantly we are being beckoned to have our attention and thoughts pulled away from that which is pivotal to life, existence, and eternity. Inevitably we enter a sort of drowsiness, brought on by the barrage of necessity and amusements around us, all of which slowly chip away at our passions, our consciences, and ultimately, our souls. A function of art is to remind, to awaken, and to bring back into clarity that which matters most. In a sense, great art is the cold water that startles us, the loud noise that rattles us out of this sort of daze. As David Dark once shared, revelatory art is the foundation of the idea of apocalypse. That is, that the greatest art is that which breaks through the illusions and facades of the status quo or the way things are, thus enabling us to experience restored vision once again. In these four songs, Bradley seeks to do just that by unveiling the deeper realities that surround and penetrate our lives. Whether it is the tragedies and darkness that infect the world or the brutalities that stay latched inside a home, he challenges us to enter into this collection of songs and to emerge with new eyes and intent ears. Bradleys writing has never been more acute, more personal, and more focused on waking us out of our stupors and into revelation. Welcome to apocalypse.

Hathaway has previously toured the world with the likes of mewithoutYou, Blindside, The Chariot, As Cities Burn and more. You can catch him this summer on the main stage of the Cornerstone festival in Illinois where you can pick up a physical copy of A Thousand Angry Panthers.

After six straight years of touring, playing over 200 shows a year all over the world, Hathaway is taking a much needed break to go back to school in Arkansas but he assures his fans, this is not the end.

I’m just taking a much needed breather, but I’ve every intention to keep writing and hit the road full time again in the near future. I justwant to drive the same streets, see the same people, sleep in the same bed, and eat the same foods for a time. In the meantime everyone enjoy my recorded albums and I’ll see them again soon.”

Panthers paints a diverse portrait of Hathaway in a personal light that few have shown. The four tracks sweep you away on an introspective journey of ups and downs taking you to the verge of tears and back to a feeling of your heart being too full to hold. Hopecore.com Magazine


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