“Bleed Into One” is a feature-film length documentary, and will become the definitive voice on the history of Christian Rock as told by those who lived, struggled, and shaped the phenomenon. Bleed Into One has a goal to release by summer 2012.

In the vein of Dogtown and Z-Boys, the film will chronicle the underdog nature of a genre of music that truly had to battle its way towards acceptance. A battle against a world who did not understand the musician’s faith, and a battle against those of faith who did not understand their music.

To many inside the church, the mere concept of sacred themes being presented within the perceived immoral framework of Rock Music created almost immediate controversy in the early seventies that in some quarters continues to this very day. Simply on the basis of their chosen style of music these artists were instant outcasts in both the secular world who deemed them to be pushing an unwelcome agenda, and more surprisingly in the Christian world where they were viewed as an unnecessary and frightening evil.

Pastors and televangelists quickly began to focus their ire not only on the secular rock artists but also on the increasingly popular medium of sacred rock, its practitioners and fans.

The Christian community eventually acknowledged the power of the genre as a growing number converts directly credited Christian rock music as THE thing that brought them their newfound faith. The greater Christian community saw this music not as an art form, but as a new evangelism tool and the music quickly became exploited when mediocre Christian copycat bands flooded the Christian bookstores and airwaves. What was once rooted in music and message was now rooted in money and marketing, leaving the true rock faithful looking back underground.

The early 1990’s saw the important — if not revolutionary — emergence of a new breed of bands who became not only important in spiritual circles but to music in general. For the first time artists began to look past the outreach potential of music and began see the medium as much as an art form as it was a form of spiritual expression.

Largely ignored, and in some cases mocked by the Contemporary Christian music machine, a culture began to grow around the developing scene as bands began creating music that appealed to the public at large, with their success being determined solely on the basis of the merits of their music.


Bleed into One will be an uncompromising, controversial view of the history as well as the people behind Christian Rock. The narrative will primarily be told through interviews, archival footage, music video and live performance. Not shying away from criticism of the genre, Bleed Into One will feature honest summations of pundits, critics and offer a variety of pop culture references on the subject including but not limited to “South Park”, “The Simpsons”, “Rolling Stone,” “Saved,” “Alternative Press,” “King of the Hill,” and comments from comedians and other detractors. Additionally, the film will feature website chatter, VH1 and MTV references.

With interviews and performances by:

P.O.D., Underoath, MxPx, Skillet, The Crucified, ZAO, Stryper, Living Sacrifice, DC Talk, Sixpence None the Richer, Jars of Clay, Steve Taylor, the REZ Band, Servant, Randy Stonehill, The Violet Burning, Norma Jean, The Prayer Chain, Third Day, Phil Keaggy, Mike Roe, The Choir, Steve Scott, Guardian, Puller, Project 86, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Relient K, Petra, Sacred Fire, Demon Hunter, Audio Adrenaline, Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp, Delirious?, Newsboys, DeGarmo and Key, Squad 5-0, Family Force 5, Charlie Peacock, Brian ‘Head’ Welch, Scaterd Few, Flyleaf, The Altar Boys, Plankeye, The OC Supertones, The Lifters, Undercover, Chuck Girard, Oden Fong, Terry Taylor, Darrell Mansfield, Shout, Bryan Duncan, Nancy Jo Mann and so much more…

And interviews with…

Tooth and Nail records CEO-Brandon Ebel,

HM Magazine Editor-Doug Van Pelt

Brian Quincy Newcomb

Relevant Magazine Managing Editor-Tyler Clark,

Gospel Music Association president John Styll

Former Editor CCM magazine editor Jay Schwartzendruber

Raised By Wolves author John Thompson-

And many, many more.


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