All new for the holiday season, the Audio-Technica Bijoué ATH-CKF303 in-ear and ATH-FW33 on-ear headphones have a distinctive faceted jewel-cut design that complements any wardrobe from elegant to outrageous.

The Bijoué ATH-CKF303 is available in a bold color palette including Black Diamond, Chocolate Mint, Milky Pink, Pop Pink, Shiny Purple and White Crystal. It delivers clear, transparent sound, thanks to its 8.8 mm drivers that provide high-performance audio reproduction.

The ATH-CKF303 is ultra small and lightweight, and comes with XS, S and M-sized ear tips – this is one fashion accessory that always fits perfectly.

Fashion-forward flair meets outstanding sound in the Bijoué ATH-FW33. The glossy jewel-cut ear pieces stand out, as does the audio quality, thanks to newly developed 30 mm drivers that deliver detailed, immersive sound.

The ATH-FW33 comes in black, brown, pink, light pink and white, and has an ultra-thin headband and generously cushioned ear pads. Its foldable design makes the ATH-FW33 easy to carry anywhere.

Bijoue ATH-CKF303 Bijoue ATH-FW33 ATH-CKF300 Bloom ATH-CKF500 Key

ATH-CKF300 Bloom Headphones (SRP: $29.95)

The ATH-CKF300 Bloom is available in a variety of vibrant colors and floral carrying case designs. Small, lightweight and styled for a comfortable fit, the Bloom is available in pink, light pink, dark pink, gold, lime green, purple, mint green and white, with matching carrying cases with a flowers-in-bloom motif. The ATH-CKF300 features 8.8 mm drivers for dynamic audio quality, and comes with XS, S and M ear tips.

ATH-CKF500 Key Headphones (SRP: $34.95)

The ATH-CKF500 Key is wearable audio jewelry, with a distinctive key-shaped cord wrap and rhinestone slider, metal earpiece accents and elegant calligraphy with rhinestones on the ends of the earpieces. These in-ear headphones are available in pink/gold, black, brown, white, ivory, light pink, pink and turquoise blue.

The Key delivers expansive sound that belies its compact design. The Key comes with three interchangeable soft eartips in XS, S and M sizes.

Like all Audio-Technica FashionFidelity headphones, the ATH-CKF500 Key is compatible with the Apple® iPod®, iPhone TM and iPad®, and ideal for use with portable music players, laptops, in-flight entertainment systems and other devices.

Audio-Technica FashionFidelity headphones are available at, other retail stores and online retailers.  The ATH-CKF300 Bloom headphones are also available at OfficeMax.

Links to product profiles and high-resolution photos on the Audio-Technica website:

Bijoué ATH-CKF303
Bijoué ATH-FW33
ATH-CKF300 Bloom
ATH-CKF500 Key

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