Solid Bass Headphones (SRP: ATH-WS55 $99.95; ATH-CKS55 $69.95; ATH-WS55 $99.95; ATH-CKS77 $119.95; ATH-WS70 $149.95)

Audio-Technica’s Solid Bass headphones deliver impactful bass along with accurate midrange and highs, for those who want to hear hard rock, hip-hop, electronica and other bass-driven music the way it was meant to be heard – this holiday season and year round.

Models include the over-ear ATH-WS55, in-ear ATH-CKS55 and ATH-CKS77 and the over-ear ATH-WS70 (SRP $69.95; $99.95; $119.95 and $149.95 in order as listed). The headphones utilize the company’s newly developed Double Air Chamber System, specially designed internal compartments that control and focus the air flow from the drivers to provide expanded bass output.

Available in black and red (ATH-WS55BRD) and black (ATH-WS55BK), the ATH-WS55 features an earpad that provides an acoustic seal to further enhance bass response, along with attenuating outside noise and preventing sound leakage. The ATH-WS55 utilizes a large-diameter driver and powerful rare earth magnet to convey music with presence and impact.

The ATH-CKS55 employs Audio-Technica’s direct-diaphragm design that mounts the diaphragm assembly (the moving internal part that produces sound) directly onto the edge of the enclosure for increased fidelity and dynamic impact.

Like all Audio-Technica headphones, all Solid Bass models can be used with the Apple® iPod®, iPhone TM and iPad® and with portable music players, laptops and other devices.

Solid Bass ATH-WS70
Solid Bass ATH-WS55
Solid Bass ATH-CKS77
Solid Bass ATH-CKS55

ATH-CKL200 In-ear Headphones (SRP: $19.95)

Add a touch of color to your holiday listening with the ATH-CKL200 in-ear headphones. They’re available in 11 vibrant colors including blue, lime green, light pink, yellow, red, purple and more. They’re a fun and affordable way to hear clear, natural, high-quality sound from portable music players, smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices.

The ATH-CKL200 features a tilted canal that provides sound isolation along with a comfortable fit, and comes with XS, S, M and L-sized ear tips along with a cord wrap that makes the headphones easy to carry without tangling the cord.

Player’s Line Headphones (SRP: ATH-CP300 $34.95; ATH-CKP300 $39.95)

Audio-Technica Player’s Line headphones deliver clear, immersive sound and are perfect for everyone who likes to run, jog, exercise and work out in the gym.

The ATH-CP300 Sport Fit Ear-bud Headphones feature ear clips that go around the ear to provide a secure, comfortable fit even during strenuous exercise, and have a sweat-proof design (IPX2 protection grade). The white, pink, black or yellow headphones come with a cable clip that controls cable movement, and a 2-foot extension cable.

The ATH-CKP300 Sport Fit In-ear Headphones have a sweat-proof design with IPX2-rated moisture protection, and an angled housing that keeps the cord out of the way during workouts. Available in blue, red, white, yellow and black, the ATH-CKP300 includes a 2-foot extension cord, a handy cable clip and XS, S, M and L eartips.

Player’s Line ATH-CKP300
Player’s Line ATH-CP300

ATH-ANC23 and ATH-ANC25 QuietPoint® Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones (ATH-ANC23 SRP: $99.95, MAP $79.95; ATH-ANC25 SRP: $79.95)

The upcoming holiday season is sure to be exciting and fun – along with hectic and noisy. When readers want to take a break from it all, the ATH-ANC23 in-ear and ATH-ANC25 on-ear headphones block outside noise and offer an involving listening experience.

Audio-Technica’s ATH-ANC23 in-ear active noise-cancelling headphones block out up to 90% of environmental noise, letting listeners enjoy their favorite music without distraction. The headphones feature Comply TM Foam Tips that form to the shape of the ear canal for superior sound and unmatched comfort. The ATH-ANC23 has a handy in-line volume control and like all QuietPoint models, its audio functions in passive mode even if the batteries run out.

The ATH-ANC25 on-ear headphones combine 80% noise-cancelling performance with outstanding sound quality, comfort and value. The ATH-ANC25 features cushioned ear pads and adjustable headband for total comfort. The headphones have a detachable cord, enabling its use as cordless noise-cancelling headphones, and compact folding design.

Other active noise-cancelling models available are the ATH-ANC27 over-ear headphones (SRP: $119.95; MAP $99.95) and the over-ear ATH-ANC7b (SRP $199.95).

These QuietPoint headphones incorporate high-quality components and Audio-Technica’s pro audio design expertise to deliver clear, natural sound with impactful bass, a natural midrange, extended treble and precise imaging. All QuietPoint models come with a carrying case or pouch for easy travel, along with an airline adapter, batteries and other accessories.

Audio-Technica headphones are available at, as well as at other retail stores and online retailers. The QuietPoint headphones are also available at OfficeMax stores, with the ATH-ANC7b showcased in an interactive listening display that lets listeners hear the benefits of QuietPoint ANC technology right in the store.

QuietPoint ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint ATH-ANC25


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