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Self Harvest, the full-length debut album from Ark of the Covenant, is flat out heavy. First off, I love the production on this record. It’s heavy, low-tuned guitars and crisp, clean drum tones. It’s mixed with what I would consider the perfect amount of electronic flair. They combine to create a huge record that sounds produced without sounding fake.

The only negative about Self Harvest is that by the time you reach the ending, the vocal styling is a little on the grating side. It’s only slight. The band displays excellent taste in their use of dynamic range and progressive riffage so songs differentiate themselves. It allows the band to hold the attention of the listener longer than most bands in the genre.

AotC also doesn’t lean on the modern elements prevalent in today’s modern metal scene, but they are able to incorporate them into an overall sound, uniquely their own. It gives the record a pretty cool vintage metal vibe without sounding stale.

The thing I like the most about Self Harvest are the riffs—there are a lot of memorable ones. Big thumbs up on this one; keep a look out for these guys.


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