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We’ve been busy this summer concocting a few delights for each of you, and for those of you who are new, welcome, we hope these new additions will only enhance your Acts of Sharing experience!

We’ve just completed our Android app, which enables you to take Acts of Sharing with you wherever you go.  Like our iPhone app, you can scan items you want or have and add them to your collection, or, while shopping on the go, you can scan items you’re looking at acquiring and see whether a friend has it BEFORE you buy it!  We want to provide you with the ability to acquire what you need in the way that makes the most sense for you, wherever you are.

We’ve also recently finished our newest feature, Acts of Sharing Opportunities, which notifies you of where you can share and meet a need within your cities and communities on Acts of Sharing. We wanted to establish a way for you to know when someone you’re connected to at your university community, for example, is looking for an item that you have in your collection, while continuing to make your privacy top priority.  In short, we want to show you where the need is, and give you the option of meeting that need!

We’re in the midst of doing plenty more to improve and simplify to help you acquire what you need!  Thank you for your belief in the culture we are creating together, big things are ahead!

Keep Sharing!


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