Worship Artist and human rights advocate Aaron Crider will be releasing his third CD, The Change, September 7 through New Day Distribution.  Produced by Steve Hindalong, The Change is a substantial step forward for the young songwriter.

Crider and his family have experienced incredible hardship, financially and emotionally, over the past few years, including the death of several family members, losing a set of twins to a miscarriage, and a son in early labor.  Hindalong challenged Crider to dig deep lyrically and truly explore these challenges in his music.  The result?  An album that is full of questions yet resting in the knowledge that we can be content in not understanding everything that is going on in our world.

And reaching out and worshipping our Heavenly Father, even in the midst of struggles and sorrow.

“Steve was able to help me dig deeper lyrically,” Crider explains.  “He stretched me to not write my first idea, the first cliché.  This recording process taught me to grow in ways I never thought, to state ideas that hadn’t been said before instead of finding the easy rhyme scheme.  I’m most certainly a better writer after spending weeks in the studio working on this project.”

The Change not only succeeds in an honest look at worship in the face of adversity, it also simply seeks to celebrate the Lord and creator of all.  Songs likeHallelu, You Reign and Bless Your Name are songs designed to help lead the listener into a place of worship, whether in a church setting or just singing along in their car.

With a heart for social justice, Crider’s song One Child Matters has been chosen by Mission of Mercy to be the theme song for their Artist program.   Crider just returned from a trip to the Philippines with Mission of Mercy, working with their projects focused on the healing and rescuing victims of human trafficking.  Crider is also active with Project AK47, an organization that rescues and rehabilitates child soldiers in Latin American and Southeast Asia.

“Seeing human trafficking first hand in the Philippines and looking into the eyes of the girls who have been rescued made me realize how tragic and real this issue is,” states Crider. “It also made me realize how urgent it is that we all do something about it.”

“Mission of Mercy has been blessed by our relationship with Aaron Crider,” explains Mark Pluimer, the President of Mission of Mercy.  “Aaron’s musical gift and passion for the impoverished children of the world has translated into thousands of kids around the world receiving the care they need.  We thank god for joining Aaron together with Mission of Mercy.  It’s artists like Aaron that the world of music needs.”

Aaron Crider, The Change will be in stores and online everywhere September 7, 2010.



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