The UK ice-cold legionaires, Wintersoul have set the official release date of their debut full length “Frozen Storm Apocalypse” for MAY 17, 2010. The album will be released in the USA by Nokternal Hemizphear and in the June/July timeframe will reach the shores of Europe!

To reign in the coming of the winter holocaust, Wintersoul is unleashing a special limited package deal…

The Frostland Bundle is exclusively available at Nokternal Hemizphear (

This package deal is a limited time offer while supplies last. Available only as a pre – order, the Frostland Bundle will cease to exist at the time of the official release date of the Wintersoul debut album “Frozen Storm Apocalypse” on MAY 17, 2010!

The Frostland Bundle offer is the only pre – order available for any of the Wintersoul merchandise!

Frostland Bundle Includes:

1. Full Length Debut CD
2. 11 x 17 inch Poster
3. T – Shirt “Dawn Of Ice Hearts”
4. (2) 2 x 4.5 inch Stickers:
I. “Ice Dragon” Sticker Limited Edition
II. “Winter Holocaust” Sticker Limited Edition

See Webshop for Details!

Frostland Bundle:



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