Former Tooth and Nail punk band Upside Down Room is back in action!  The band has been in existence for around two decades, but they’ve been laying low for the last few years.  Now, they’re releasing two new CD’s with Southern California indie label  These releases will be Upside Down Room’s first new material in almost ten years.
The first is a re-release of their hard to find, out of print TV Baby EP.  The special edition re-release includes two new bonus tracks, and updated classic artwork.  The second CD, titled Let’s go For a Ride, is a six song EP of all new Upside Down Room songs.

In addition, the band is gearing up for some live appearances, playing both old and new material.  They’ll be playing several shows in Southern California over the next few months.  Those interested in booking Upside Down Room should contact them through Facebook.

TV Baby is out now, and look for Let’s Go For a Ride in early March.  Both will be available on iTunes, as well as from

For more information, go to



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