One of the UK’s top modern worship bands, Trent, releases its Trent Live – Burn Bright DVD/CD on Kingsway with EMI CMG Distribution January 11, 2011. The recording features Trent members leading worship in their home church, Trent Vineyard, Nottingham, UK.

Having written songs together for over eight years, Trent is featured in the new DVD/CD along with a packed-in crowd at Trent Vineyard and playing a combination of four brand new songs, including the title track, and some of its best-loved songs, such as “Perfect Sacrifice,” “I Will Hold On,” “Unfailing Love” and “Love Divine.”  Known for their collective approach to writing songs and breathing fresh expression into Biblical themes, Trent members Adam Blundy (drums), Nigel Briggs (vocals, guitars), Rich Bull (electric guitars), Matt Loose (keys, piano, backing vocals) and Phil Squires (bass, backing vocals) craft songs born out of their walk with God as part of the Trent Vineyard.

“We want to sing something different, something real,” says Briggs. “Being called a ‘worship’ band is a strange thing, but for us as Trent, it’s about two things. Firstly, we write songs that express how we feel about God in a way that is real and authentic to us and for church community, Trent Vineyard. Second, how we play the songs matters.

“We also like our noise, our electric guitars and drums,” continues Briggs.  “When Bruce Springsteen inducted U2 into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ a couple of years ago, he said that great rock bands search ‘for the same kind of combustible force that fueled the expansion of the universe after the big bang. You want the earth to shake and spit fire. You want the sky to split apart and for God to pour out.’ Now, that’s what we want to do – when we play together and lead worship, we pray that something happens that is bigger than just five guys playing music. We pray God splits the sky and joins with us, a little bit of heaven on earth.”

Produced by Trevor Michael and directed by Andy Hutchison, Trent Live – Burn Bright features 14 songs and 70 minutes of music.  The companion DVD not only includes all 14 songs, but also behind the scenes footage, band interviews, a look at the Arches (a ministry of Trent Vineyard), and an interview with Trent Vineyard pastors John and Debbie Wright.  The DVD further features SongTeach videos (, a useful tool for worship leaders and others interested in learning to play the songs on the recording.

The full DVD/CD song listing follows:

1. Intro – All My Hope Is In You

2. Now And Ever

3. Glorious Life

4. Love Divine

5. Radio

6. I Will Hold On

7. Jubilee

8. Burn Bright

9. Walk Humbly

10. Skin And Bones

11. Keep Me Where The Light Is

12. Unfailing Love

13. Perfect Sacrifice

14. Journey Home

For more information on Trent, a video trailer for Trent Live – Burn Bright, etc., go to, and

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Vineyard Records UK is a non-profit, church-based worship ministry.  By imparting the heart and activity of worship though music, events and resources, we encourage people everywhere to pursue a deeper relationship with God.  All of our income is directly re-invested in furthering the development of worship in the Church, aiding the establishment of new churches and helping to advance God’s Kingdom.

About Kingsway:

Tracing its music heritage to 1969, Kingsway today is known as a leader in Worship Music. As the creator of Thank You Music, and later in partnership with EMI, its catalogue includes songs such as “Here I Am to Worship,” “In Christ Alone,” “Everlasting God” and “Blessed Be Your Name” to name a few.

Kingsway’s songs are sung in more than 300,000 churches worldwide accounting for over 30% of CCLI’s (Church Copyright Licensing International) bestseller list. With writers and artists like Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Delirious?, Graham Kendrick and Stuart Townend, Kingsway is dedicated to feeding the Church with songs that will change the world. As the music arm of David C Cook, a non-profit organization located in Colorado Springs, CO, a significant portion of the profits that Kingsway and David C Cook generate are used to provide discipleship and music materials free of charge to church leaders in developing parts of the world who wouldn’t be able to get them any other way.


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