It’s been a busy and exciting 2010 so far for The Wayside. We launched a pre-release program for our new record, Spiritual Songs by The Wayside last month, and performed at Nashville’s historic Exit / In for the first time. The physical CDs just arrived and all pre-orders are officially in the mail! (The “Special Edition” is slightly delayed as we are still waiting for the 7″ vinyl singles, but we expect to ship those in just a few weeks.) See below for details on how you can get your copy of the First Edition of this new project.

Where Do You Hear About New Music?
Which magazines and websites, if any, do you watch for information on new music? We need to get the word out about this record and could really use your advice. If you have any suggestions of places we should send copies for review let us know.

Spiritual Songs by The Wayside

We’re still waiting for our first reviews, but The Phantom Tollbooth has proclaimed this “their most authentic album to date.” Our buddy Mac Powell (Third Day) tweeted a wonderful endorsement to his fans, which we truly appreciate. We’ve honestly been overwhelmed with many of the comments we have recieved from the first folks to purchase it. What do YOU think? Listen to the whole album at and let us know. If you dig it, you can purchase a CD (with immediate, free download) or you can purchase a digital copy. You can even mail us a check if you prefer. Watch our MySpace page for a constantly updated list of other stores and websites offering this record for sale.

Spiritual Songs in Concert

We are currently looking to book concerts and even entire musical weekends that include house concerts, clubs, coffehouses, churches, colleges and songwriting workshops. If you would like to see us come to your area let us know. We’d love to.

Too Many Choices?vinyl

It’s amazing how different the business of selling music is these days. Most people that buy music still prefer it on CD, but many people who discover new music are getting it digitally. In the first month of pre-sales we have had about 60% simply download the album digitally, about 30% have ordered the CD (which came with a free immediate download as well) and about 10% have ordered the Special Edition Boxed Set that will come with the 7″ vinyl single of “Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior” b/w an unreleased song Michelle wrote called “On The Other Side,” and some other goodies. (By the way, we are still taking orders on that set, but only for a couple more weeks.)
We’re excited to be able to offer this new project both physically and digitally direct to our friends and we know that it is important to make it available in multiple formats since so many people have different preferences for getting new music. As a result, some of our longest, most faithful supporters have been confused with too many options.
So, here is a quick and hopefully simple run-down of how to get our new record, straight from us.
Order The Album on CD
If you’re comfortable ordering things on-line, this is your best option. Just cick HERE and follow the instructions. You’ll be able to enter credit card or PayPal info and when you finish the sale you’ll immediately get a link to download the entire album in any format you want. Then in about a week you’ll get the CD in the mail. If you do not like ordering on-line feel free to pop a check or money order, made out to Gyroscope Arts, in the mail to PO Box 60401, Nashville TN 37206. We’ll get one right out to you. (Same pricing as on-line… CD’s are $12 and postage is $2 for a total of $14)
Download The Album
Click HERE and then click “Download The Album.” You’ll be allowed to name your own price (we set the minimum at $5 to cover the costs of paying the songwriters on the songs that are not public domain.) We encourage people to pay what they feel the album is worth to them, probably in the $12 – $15 range. It’s been awesome to see that in the first month the average price people have chosen to pay is slightly over $10. Thanks! Know that this download option is much higher quality than iTunes and the files will work with any music programs like iTunes. You can burn your own CDs as well, if you like. The files are not copy protected.
Order The Special Edition
This option is really only for those who really want to support us in a larger-than-life kinda way. We are assembling a very limited number of special boxes that will include the full cd, the 7″ vinyl single of “Pass Me Not” and some special photo cards that include song by song notes and personal accounts. We have set the price on this set at $25. We are only taking orders on this for a few more weeks. Click HERE to order the Special Edition.
Find A CD Somewhere
We are currently setting up a handful of retailers that will be carrying the album. Right now our Nashville friends can find it at The Groove in East Nashville (5 Points) and at Grimey’s on 8th Avenue. Other stores in the Chicago area, (and our old home-base The Warehouse Church in Aurora,)Los Angeles, New York and Canada are being established. Unless we end up licensing this to a label, it is unlikely you’ll be able to find it in many stores, but we’ll get it in a few. We will update our MySpace page with new retail outlets as they come on-line. Wholesalers email to place an order.
We Need Your Help
Basically, we need you. This entire project is off-the-grid when it comes to the traditional music business. Every referral means so much to us. We’re excited about the opportunities tools like our new website represent, but it’s still all about positive word-of-mouth. If you have friends or family you think would appreciate this record please let them know about it. We’re happy to continue to make the record available to stream for free at our site, and are thrilled that over 3,500 spins have been recorded so far. We’re just getting started, though. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support as we head down this path. If you’ve read this far into this newsletter you must REALLY love us, and that means more than we can say.
Until next month…
John and Michelle


5/7/2010, Naperville, IL The Union
7/1/2010 Illinois, Cornerstone Festival


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