The Sacrifice … Is a HUGE hit with Fans and Critics alike!
Check out what people are saying…

“…if you only make one metal album purchase a year then make sure this is it.”
Andy from Angelic Warlord  ( Full Review: )
“Fans of great US style Progressive Power Metal shouldn’t doubt purchasing this CD that probably will end in my top 20 of 2010.”
Officer Nice from Metal to Infinity ( Full review: )
“The Sacrificed have created a niche, by taking modern sensibility combining it with a classic metal assault that will leave one simply stunned.”
Keven from White Throne Metal Reviews ( Full Review: )
And Tomorrow night is your chance to check it out!!!!
7pm – 10pm EST The Metal Madman himself will be airing a very special CD showcase featuring The Sacrificed and the debut Roxx Records release ‘2012’
Now is your chance to hear first hand what all the fans and critics are saying!

And be sure to pick up the brand new CD  ‘2012’ at or or
Also be sure to check out a killer brand new Interview with Eli from The Sacrificed courtesy of Metal to Infinity…
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