The last year has been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs for the North Texas technical death metal group, The Famine.  The band endured a devastating studio fire, which destroyed everything in sight, including (but not limited to) musical equipment, computers, and recorded material, followed by the departure of the band’s former vocalist, Kris McCaddon.  However, as the old saying goes, what could not kill The Famine has undoubtedly made the band and its members stronger.  Now armed with a fresh lineup, which includes new bassist, Jon Richardson, and the band’s former bassist, Nick Nowell, on vocals, The Famine is ready wrap up this extended chapter of its career, and forge on behind with the release of the long-awaited, The Architects of Guilt, out today on Solid State Records.

“We sacrificed so much more than time and energy to make this album,” explained Nowell.  “This record cost us relationships and ended up being an accidental test of our convictions.  I hope that we were able to create something indicative of those circumstances, something larger than the sum of our parts.

“Now that this album is out, we are all eying a lucrative career as the house band on a Carnival cruise ship.  You only work four nights a week and you get all the shrimp cocktail you can eat.  If that doesn’t work out, we’ll keep writing death metal and we’ll see you on the road.”

The Architects of Guilt can be purchased online via the Solid State webstore at:, AmazonMP3 for the special price of $5.99 at:, or on iTunes at:

The track list for The Architects of Guilt is…

1. The New Hell

2. Ad Mortem

3. We Are The Wolves

4. Turner Classic Diaries

5. Bigger Cages, Longer Chains!

6. The Crown and The Holy See

7. VII The Fraudulent

8. A Pavement Of Good Intentions

9. A Fragile Peace

10. Pyrithion House

11. To The Teeth

“This is the album you want to play for anyone who thinks Texas metal died with Dimebag Darrell.”

“Damn good death metal!” –

The Architects of Guilt, The Famine’s sophomore Solid State Records release, and follow up to 2008’s, The Raven and the Reaping, was recorded last summer in Dallas with engineer, D. Braxton Henry (ex-Devourment).

The band then handed over the tracks to renowned audio mastermind, Jason Suecof (Trivium, The Black Dahlia Murder), for mixing.

A series of behing-the-scenes video blogs, chronicling The Architects of Guilt recording process, can be seen on the official Solid State Records YouTube channel at:

The newly revealed music video for the album’s first single, “Ad Mortem” can also be viewed online at:

Head over to: for a track-by-track lyrical breakdown of each song on the record, for even more insight into The Architects of Guilt.

Stay tuned for more information on The Famine and The Architects of Guilt.

The Famine is…

Nick Nowell – vocals

Andrew Godwin – guitar

Mark Garza – drums

Jon Richardson – bass

The Famine online…


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