► Introducing The City Harmonic released Nov. 22 from Kingsway to growing critical acclaim:

“The Britpop musings of frontman Elias Drummer resonate with the modern rock appeal of Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon and Aqualung…[The City Harmonic] seem perfectly at ease being labeled as the next visionary Christian rock act.” – All Music Guide

The City Harmonic‘s six-song EP storms out of the gate with a grandiose sound, swelling with symphonic orchestration and choral background vocals.” – Christianity Today

“We love The City Harmonic‘s debut EP.” – HearItFirst.com

Introducing The City Harmonic is one of those CDs that you hope never ends and when it does it leaves you wanting more.” – Colossal Pop

“Musically, The City Harmonic is a rock band that shows both the ability to unfurl their musical ‘sails’ yet still maintain elements of control…From strings and electric guitar, to an organ, to handclaps and swelling vocals—the product is a collage of instruments and sounds that come together passionately and skillfully.” – Crosswalk.com

Introducing The City Harmonic ain’t your typical Sunday morning sing-a-long… this might be a rebirthing of worship music that has been a long time coming!” – JesusFreakHideout.com

“There aren’t many CDs or bands that I like on the first hearing, but these guys, yes!” – Hollywood Jesus

Introducing The City Harmonic is nothing like your ‘typical’ idea of worship band… Once you hear The City Harmonic for yourself you’ll feel what the buzz is all about.” – Clash Entertainment

“I have to tell you, only 4 guys on stage but I was blown away by their live performance! They were skilful, passionate, were not afraid to be LOUD, and SUPER dynamic! Loved them!” – Breathecast.com

The City Harmonic is an artist that shouldn’t be underestimated…Their raw hearted worship is something that is needed in this generation.” – IndieVisionMusic.com (9 out of 10 Skulls)

“Here are three words I would use to describe The City Harmonic: REFRESHING, ANTHEMIC, ADDICTING.”All About Worship

“…The City Harmonic is as good as anything you’ve heard in the worship genre.” – Soul-Audio

Introducing The City Harmonic will hit the stores soon and your hearts just as quickly.” – Examiner.com.

“With deep tracks, both lyrically and musically, this EP from The City Harmonic is sure to connect with the listener.” – Jay’s Musik Blog

First radio single, Manifesto, hits Air1 and #6 New and Active at CHR Radio.  Music fans respond to single, join The City Harmonic on facebook (www.facebook.com/thecityharmonic):

“I JUST heard ‘Manifesto’ on Air1 and WOW! I have to go back and YouTube it to FB! I have never heard of you guys but you ROCK! Praising God together! :o)” – Audrey

“I heard your song ‘Manifesto’ on Air1 today. I love your music and I think your music is amazing.” – Elijah

“I heard you song ‘Manifesto’ 2 days ago on the radio! It was great! The 2nd time I heard it I was able to google the lyrics to find the song and the band! Keep up the great work!!! 🙂 The song is soooo good!!” – Jessica

“Heard your song on Air1, I just wanted to take a minute to say ‘Thank You’ for recording and giving the world the song ‘Manifesto’.” – Jeremiah

“Heard ‘Manifesto’ this morning! Your song gave me chills; the music video really depicts the heart of this generation! Keep doing what you all are doing…you are truly anointed!” – Natasha

“Manifesto” video gathers over 15,000 YouTube views so far (www.youtube.com/thecityharmonic).  And music fans are responding:

“Watch out world……New worship that is in your face and deep…..it is about time!”

“EPIC song. Glory be to God forever! If this chorus doesn’t make you want to join in and sing along, then something’s definitely wrong with you…”

“This song is changing my life.”

“‘You guys are AWESOME at composing your songs. You guys have Officially became my FAVORITE BAND!”

“What a declaration and what a beautiful composition.”

Check out The City Harmonic eCard to listen to music, see photos, more: http://www.kingswayhub.com/ecards/thecityharmonic/.







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