Terry Warren (Blue Shirt - 300)The Tennessee Baptist Convention has announced that All-American football star and recording artist Terry Warren’s music will be featured in a new video at the centerpiece of their $2.4 million Hearts Awaken for Worship at Camp campaign. The campaign will raise funds to build a new 500-seat multi-purpose worship facility at the Linden Valley Baptist Conference Center in Linden, Tenn. The new building will replace the denomination’s beloved 50-year-old Tabernacle worship center, which was lost during the historic floods of Spring 2010.

The video, which will be played at over 2,500 churches during the campaign, features Warren’s version of “Revelation Song” from Amazing Love, his upcoming CD through New Day Christian Distributors. Warren’s rendition was selected over versions that have been recorded by other, more well known artists, and a rough cut of the video that was recently presented to members of the Convention met with instant approval.

“Terry’s powerful version of the “Revelation Song” was a perfect fit for our campaign promotional video,” commented Tim Bearden, Senior Conference Center Manager for the Tennessee Baptist Convention. “His strong rendition of the lyrics perfectly underscored the central theme we wanted to use to share the vision of building a new worship center at Linden Valley Baptist Conference Center.”

Sports fans remember Warren as an All-American linebacker with the Florida State University Seminoles, who was signed to play with the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys until he broke his back on the field during training camp, ending his football career. But Warren proved he could make hits off the gridiron as well. His musical credits include landing the lead role of Jean Valjean in “Les Misérables” on Broadway, and his TV and movie credits include performing songs featured on the popular television show “Evening Shade” and movie roles alongside talents such as Burt Reynolds, Eriq La Salle, Michael Chiklis, Neil Patrick Harris and Peter Falk.

Warren, whose Amazing Love CD will hit stores in Spring 2011, is in demand as a speaker and performer in churches and through organizations such as The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Mercy Ministries and The Jason Foundation. In 2010, Warren founded Crossing the Goal Line Ministries to encourage those who make it almost to the goal line, but are discouraged due to setbacks or tragedy that keep them from getting into the end zone.

For more information on Terry Warren and Amazing Love, visit terrywarrenministries.com.

To see the Hearts Awaken for Worship video, or for more information on the Tennessee Baptist Convention’s Hearts Awaken for Worship at Camp campaign, visit lindenvalley.org.

New Day Christian Distributors has been a valuable supplier of consumer products servicing Christian retail for nearly 30 years with music, DVD, gifts, books and Bibles. In addition to Terry Warren, New Day is home to many other great artists, as well as products such as Fisher Price, among others. For more information, visit newdaychristian.com.


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