Stryper-25th Anniversary Live in Concert – Puerto Rico
Tito Puente Anphitheatre
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Saturday December 5, 2009
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Puerto Rico has been a witness in several occasions of Stryper – from its first visit – who always demonstrate a great charisma and very good musical style with a message. They came this time with all original members: Micheal Sweet, Robert Sweet, Timothy Gaines and Oz Fox. Michael Sweet treated us by a greeting in Spanish: “Dios Les Bendiga Puerto Ricoooo!!!” (means “God Bless you, Puerto Rico”) until Oz Fox salutes in Spanish too.  Oz was screaming: “Boricuaaaaaaaas!!!!!! Como Estan!!!!” (means “Boricuas, how are you?”)
They played almost all the greatest hits songs, such as: “Soldiers Under Command,”  “Calling On You,” “Free,” the most popular ballad “Honestly,” “All for One,” “Reach Out,” “More Than a Man,” “The Rock That Makes Me Roll,” “Together As One” (acoustic), “Loud ‘N Clear,” “The Way,” “To Hell with the Devil” and the Christmas song, “Winter Wonderland.”  From the last album Murder By Pride: “4 Leaf Clover,” “Murder By Pride,” “Peace of Mind,” “Eclipse For The Son” and “My Love I’ll Always Show” (the rock version). But the band didn’t play any songs from the album In God We Trust (1988) and they forgot to do the ending prayer.  Ah! What a sorrow! But the band did a great show. Thas was the sixth time Stryper come to the “Isla del Encanto”(Island of the Captivation).  This had been a very Great Time!


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