Soul Check TV (SCTV) presents exclusive on-camera interviews with bands, artists and guests including Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, Rebecca St. James, Group 1 Crew, Nicole Britt, Lecrae, The Museum, Red and more, along with the latest music videos!

SCTV is aired Friday nights on the NRB Network (12 AM ET; 11:00 PM CT; 10:00 PM MT & 9:00 PM PT) and worldwide through LeSEA’s METV & FETV!

With her mom and sisters as crew, Sarah Kittle hosts and produces SCTV discussing music, artists’ passions, faith, and relevant issues. She offers a backstage, behind-the-scenes look at Christian music, traveling to concert venues whereever Christian artists can be found, including caves, airports and festivals!

Soul Check TV exists to be a positive influence in the world and to share the Gospel.



The Industrial Revolution

Italian creative Giovanni Bucci, otherwise known as ODDKO, has spent a professional career pushing the limits of some of the world's largest brands. HM contributor Andrew Voigt talks with the man behind the curtain to find out what it looks like when he pushes the limits of his own creativity.


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