SLIDE starts out 2010 with their new track titled Dime Store Queer. The track is available in 3 different versions. The original album version and 2 additional dance/club mixes. Re-mixer MDAVISTO is back on board and did another outstanding job re-mixing the track. All 3 versions are now available on i-Tunes, Amazon, and other digital download stores. Also, lyrics to all of SLIDE’s songs are now available on their Myspace page inside the music player. Just click where it says lyrics for each track.

The Story Behind Dime Store Queer

True Story. A reluctant teenager (perceived to be different from his peers) is made to stand up for himself in the face of adversity. Its a story of strength, subtle revenge, and independence. Its a song for anyone who has ever been bullied by a “Status Quo” or institution. Its a story of overcoming learned helplessness; moving from the role of “victim” to a role of empowerment and self identity.
Re-mixer MDAVISTO had his own thoughts on the song: “I’m really proud of how the Dime Store Queer remix came out – this one roars. There’s a lot I like about this song – not just the catchy chorus hook or the solidity of the bassline, but the fact that underneath its glitzy pop sensibilities it’s got a serious message: don’t let these bastards push you around. Don’t let them hurt you, don’t buy into the vicious labels they attach to you. You won’t always be stuck where you are. Keep your head up and stay fabulous, because some day soon you’ll grow up, get ripped, and tear all their heads off. Kinda.”
You can see the original excerpts on his website along with some SLIDE mentions at


Looking back over the past year of 2009, SLIDE met most of the goals they set out to achieve. It started with the re-release of the Sincerely Paul album, followed by an updated SlideMusicGroup website and concluding with 3 new songs mixed and mastered. And 2010 appears to be even busier for the band. SLIDE plans to release their debut album in the 4th quarter of 2010. Some live shows are also being discussed which would coincide sometime around the release of the album. They are two other news worthy items that are being kept under wraps at the moment until final confirmations are made. However, one of these items has to do with the band’s private record release party. It has been decided that a few lucky fans will be chosen to attend the release party as a guest of the band. More details to follow soon. And the filming for SLIDE’s first music video will be underway no later than the summer of 2010. The band has chosen the track Dime Store Queer for the video shoot. As always, keep checking our Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and Official website pages for the latest info.


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