National Pro-Life T-shirt Week (NPLTW) is April 27 to May 3, a week to spread the pro-life message wherever you go simply by wearing a pro-life T-shirt. By participating in this effort, you will be joining tens of thousands of other pro-lifers from around the country. Lots of hearts and minds will be changed and lives will be spared this week!

Part of NPLTW is a photo scavenger hunt. Starting April 1st, various tasks will be made public. You can earn points by doing the tasks and uploading them onto the NPLTW web site. You have a chance to win lots of great prizes including an iPod Touch, Nano, Shuffle and iTunes gift cards. Again, the contest begins April 1st and lasts until May 3rd, the last day of NPLTW.

In addition to participating in NPLTW and the photo scavenger hunt, please promote NPLTW via social networking sites, web site banners, social networking profile images, word of mouth and by downloading, printing and handing out flyers and posters. Spread the word! Join the contest! Change hearts! Save lives!

The two T-shirts, red/orange “Abortion Kills A Person” and blue “It’s OK to be Pro-Life,” were made specifically for this event and are only $6.50 plus shipping. Last day to order T-shirts to ensure you receive them before NPLTW is April 13. Order now and make plans to participate. Have fun!

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Michael Pritzl is the defining lead figure of The Violet Burning. The Violet Burning has been an established artist in Christian circles since the 1980s, never growing out of style and always finding new ways to express values of the Kingdom and passions of the Father’s heart through music.

Back in December, we featured Michael Pritzl’s Christmas CD, Divine, and now on the latest netcast we feature his latest CD, Mercy Songs. Listen to his latest CD to hear some exclusive tracks.

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Another Reason To Keep Kids Away From School-Based Clinics

by Erik Whittington

Mother furious after in-school clinic sets up daughter’s abortion. This story isn’t new or breaking. It’s about one week old and we covered it earlier this week while recording this week’s Rock for Life Netcast. It’s a story that reminds me of two things. First, stay actively involved in my children’s lives. And second, keep them away from public high schools. For those who can’t keep their kids away from the latter, then at least keep them away from school-based health clinics.

Here’s why: Last Tuesday, March 23 (a week ago), a news story broke about a mother complaining that her pregnant daughter was secretly taken from her school-based health clinic to an abortion facility to abort her child (during school, I might add). According to mom—and not refuted by anyone at Ballard High School, the Swedish Health Center (the school-based health clinic) or King County Health Department—this is what happened:

  • daughter took a pregnancy test at school-based health clinic
  • pregnancy test was positive
  • school-based health clinic counselors informed daughter that abortion would be free if she kept it a secret
  • daughter consented
  • daughter was given a free taxi ride to abortion facility without adult supervision
  • baby was aborted
  • daughter returned to school

Nowhere in that timeline was the mom notified. Aren’t parents supposed to be involved in their children’s lives? Interestingly enough, the abortion advocates’ true colors come out.

A representative from the King County Health Department said it’s always best if parents are involved in their children’s health care, but don’t always have to have a say: “At any age in the state of Washington, an individual can consent to a termination of pregnancy.” In other words, it’s best if parents are involved, except when their child would like to abort a baby. In those circumstances, parents can butt out.

When mom signed the consent form for her to go to the Ballard Teen Health Center, she was probably thinking it was for an earache or a sports physical. “Nowhere in this paperwork does it mention abortion or facilitating abortion,” she said.

How many other kids has this happened to at Ballard High School? Washington state? In the entire U.S.?

Note: The National Assembly on School-Based Health Care hailed the passage of health care reform as a victory because it increased federal funding to school-based health clinics like these.

It just shows the great lengths with which abortion advocates will go. Of course, their full agenda looks something like this:

  • sexually saturate public high schools via inappropriate curriculum
  • preach about and supply birth control products instead of promoting sexual abstinence
  • sneak kids off for abortions, if state law allows
  • if state law doesn’t allow, then change state law
  • put a wedge in between students and their parents
  • abortion on demand and free of charge, even for kids

These tactics must be exposed and fought at every level. Parents, get involved and stay involved in your children’s lives. Speak out. Kids, stay away from these so-called health clinics (that are actually dangerous to your physical and mental health) and be a positive influence to your peers.

Finally, this shows the importance of spreading the human rights for all—born and preborn—message through personhood initiatives and educational efforts.

Let me know what you think by commenting on the blog.



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