Hello Friends, 

We’ve been working on a lot of great things including new tour dates.  All of the dates are updated daily at www.randallshreve.com/shows.  We’ve added a last minute date for this Saturday, July 31st at RJ’s in Pacific, MO.  The exact address for any of you who’d like to make it to this show is:  147 West St. Louis Street, Pacific, MO.  It would be wonderful to see you there.  

We’ll also be playing a show at George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, AR on August 6th with Chase Pagan.  Here’s a full list of all our current shows.  

7.29.10 –  21st Amendment    Fayetteville, AR                          9:00 pm

7.31.10 –  RJ’s                           Pacific, MO                                9:00 pm

8.05.10 –  Gnarley Cougar       Joplin, MO                               10:00 pm

8.06.10 –  George’s                   Fayetteville, AR                          9:00 pm

8.08.10 –  Juanita’s                   Little Rock, AR                           8:00 pm

8.14.10 –  Mojo’s  (solo)           Fayetteville, AR                          7:00 pm

8.15.10 –  Crabby’s                   Rogers, AR                                5:00 pm

8.19.10 –  Eddie Haskell’s       Rogers, AR                                8:00 pm

8.20.10 –  Blackthorn                Joplin, MO                               10:00 pm

8.28.10 –  Mojo’s (solo)             Fayetteville, AR                         7:00 pm

9.03.10 –  Tavern on Green              Lee’s Summit, MO                      8:30 pm

9.10.10 –  George’s                   Fayetteville, AR                           9:00 pm

9.24.10 –  Mojo’s (solo)            Fayetteville, AR                           7:00 pm

12.7.10 –  Songwriter Round           Mt. Sequoya Conf. Ctr.                 7:00 pm

We have new t-shirts and other merchandise coming in the next couple weeks.  I’ll keep you updated on all of that as it comes in.  

Be sure to check out RandallShreve.com if you’ve not been there in a while.  The site has undergone a lot of nice changes and updates.  Also, if you haven’t added us as a friend on Facebook, we’d Love to hear from you.  www.facebook.com/randallshreve.  



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