I – New Bands
II – New Music
III – Sneak Peek News
IV – Phasing out of the “group” in favor of the “page”

I – New Bands

As a reminder, we have taken on a whole new roster of bands in recent months! While this has been a whole lotta metal, for the rest of you please be assured we have some clean / melodic rock acts on the way. Please be sure to listen to and connect with:

Hail the Blessed Hour

Awake the Suffering

Bring Them Low

A Wretched Betrayal

II – New Music

Over the summer we released a very diverse rock and hip-hop album called the Positive Music Sampler. Eight tracks from eight artists, it’s really worth a listen:


Also just recently published is a promo single from Hail the Blessed Hour. Every download goes to help the band’s recording budget! Take a spin and if you want to show some love, take the 99 cents plunge and download “Apostle”:


III – Sneak Peek News

In the next coming months, you will be seeing more band signings, more radio singles, and by early 2011 more releases from Raging Storm. Not to mention any names, but I can say we are looking at some mainstream rock, more melodic / old school metal, of course a few more extreme metal bands, and even some folk acts. Truly an exciting time to be watching what Raging Storm is doing!

IV – Phasing out of the “group” in favor of the “page”

As we were testing the waters with facebook, it was unclear which was better for our music, a “group” or a “page” here on facebook. Well, to be honest the final answer might not be so clear! But there is for certain a whole lot more activity on the Raging Storm facebook page, and I want to invite any of you who haven’t yet to “like” us at the following link:


If for some reason you have a key idea why we really NEED to keep a group as well as a page, I am all ears! Until then, we will likely be phasing out the group by the end of the year.

Thanks for listening and God bless!


Payable on Death – P.O.D.

A Voice of Life

Almost 27 years after the band's first studio album, P.O.D.'s message is arguably more important than ever. "I believe (our message) is even more relevant now than it was then. If you really listen to 'Youth of the Nation,' we still have these tragedies going on. There’s a lot of searching still going on out there."


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