“Maria’s Letter: Joshua’s Quest” by Ron Patty offers a new version of the age-old story of a virgin mother chosen by God to bear his son and their struggles as they face a hostile world.

Maria, a multiracial, all-American teenager, doesn’t understand how she could be pregnant if she’s never had sex. Pressured by her parents to put baby Joshua up for adoption, she escapes instead to raise him as her own, telling him of his unique origin only after he reaches adulthood. Joshua’s quest for the truth leads him through many adventures as he meets some who love and accept him and others who want to stop him at any cost. Hunted by corrupt business leaders and government officials as well as the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis, Joshua must rely on the love of an ex-prostitute as he comes to an understanding of his true identity.

“It’s easy for us to lose sight of Jesus as a real person battling his own temptations and questions about his life’s purpose,” says Patty. “I hope this story helps readers step into his everyday shoes and gain a better understanding of the conflicts-and successes-of what it might be like to be God’s son.”

Patty, a trained minister and professional gospel singer, wrote the novel as a message to anyone who may view Jesus as a pious, judgmental and obstinate savior. “Maria’s Letter” aims to offer both religious and non-religious readers a different, more personal perspective on a life that was at times gritty, confusing, frightening and lonely.

“Maria’s Letter: Joshua’s Quest” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author
Ron Patty is a retired minister and professional gospel singer. A graduate of Anderson University, he holds bachelor’s degrees in Bible studies and music. During the course of his singing career he performed for Queen Elizabeth and Presidents Eisenhower and George H.W. Bush. Patty and his wife of 57 years have three children and 11 grandchildren. They reside in Anderson.


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