Paymotech Group announces today the official launch of his new success story and subsidiary, Muzicol International Corp and its web site:

Muzicol provides both artists and fans with a fully integrated service, and offers a virtual stage for artists, dancers, choreographers; make – up artists and more to showcase and promote their work and the possibility to receive immediate feedback from fans and fellow artists. One of the most appealing features is the opportunity to sell their work worldwide right there on the website, setting their own terms and conditions, and absolutely hassle-free. Fans will have access to a myriad of music, apps, videos, movies, books, audio books, merchandising, tickets and more whether they are “banked” or “unbanked” with the possibility to use Paytoo®: Paymotech’s mobile payment platform. Muzicol aims at closing the gap between the artists and their audience regardless of style, location, culture or income. Both renowned and independent artist have an access to a billing platform that will not only give them the opportunity to monetize their work but also coordinate logistical support for their concerts, including communication, ticketing and collection of payments.

The company proudly announces the addition of their marketing coordinators: Miss Bianca Champagne and Zarah Ortiz who were both marketing coordinators at Universal Latino and EMI Latino respectively. They will handle all matters related to marketing and development, and will also serve as a liaison between the company and the various artists using Muzicol as a virtual stage for their product promotion and distribution.

“Today I have fulfilled my dream; to see a place where all artists of the world will have the freedom to exist on their own and to do what they love – MUSIC – and share their passion with their fans.” said Michel Poignant, President & CEO.

The musical portal also provides a space for artists to portray their work by giving them the chance to create and design their own page with photographs, videos, songs, presentations, chat forums, biography, useful links, and contact information allowing managers, composers, agents, writers, publishers and the media to interact and connect which will contribute to the emergence of new talents and will also give them publicity and exposure.

About Muzicol International Corporation

Muzicol was created in 2010 and launched in 2011 as a music community network for artists and fans worldwide to indulge in their passion. The site promotes a global community focused on providing a virtual stage for artists of the world.

About Paymotech

Created in 1999, the Paymotech Group through its Swiss Holding Parent Company is currently listed on the Frankfurt Stock Market – Deutsche Börse Group (4PA.DE). Since 2004, the Group offers Mobile Phone solutions, VoIP, SIM cards free of roaming charges and secured e-commerce payment transaction solutions. The Paymotech Group is introducing its global platform: Paytoo. It is the first GSM Mobile Wallet solution to combine telecommunications and mobile payments, all drawn from a single account.


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