Less than one third of Christian teens in America read the bible on any kind of regular basis. The Almighty Bible graphic novel/multi-media book series enters the war for our teens and tweens attention.

According to the National Study of Youth and Religion, only 32% of U.S. Protestant teens read the Bible at least once weekly. Where are teens spending their time? This time is spent using New Media – iPods, Gaming Consoles, Cell Phones, Electronic Readers and Lap Tops and frequently using a combination of these devices. According to the study Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year-Olds, youth are spending an average of 7:38 Hours/Day using entertainment media and when factoring in multi-tasking this number rises all the way up to an incredible 10:45 Hours/Day. The Bible now has to compete with the latest multimedia devices and is losing. As Barna president, David Kinnaman says, “Talking to God may be losing out to Facebook.”

To answer this serious problem in the Christian community the team behind The Almighty Bible (http://thealmightybible.com/) has developed a way to connect with teens by transforming the stories of the Bible into accurate graphic novels and new media – iPad/iPhone/iTouch App. Pastor Charles Kim, a noted Youth Minister – is one of the Youth Ministers that The Almighty Bible is supporting with funding for his own work to bring the bible to young people everywhere.

“Hopefully, there will be a large number of other books like this coming but I can honestly say that The Almighty Bible works. It communicates God’s stories in the most innovative, creative and stimulating way I have ever seen. The Almighty Bible is better than any past or current teen resource that I have seen and because of this I am helping spread the word. I am heading an Advisory board that both directs which books to do next and converts part of the company’s profits into Youth Programs around the world. We are committed to doing God’s works by spreading His words in the most creative and progressive ways possible and teens and people are responding.” – says Pastor Kim as he prepares to take his message to Youth Ministers and Parents across the country.

The interactive mobile version of the Bible is coming out Oct. 15 on iTUNES for the iPAD and iPHONE and will be coming out for DROID devices in early 2011. The application provides narration, full screen graphics, maps and bible study courses from some of the top Youth Ministers in the country. The application is being debuted at the National Youth Workers Convention in early October, for thousands of people intimately involved in youth ministry.

The Almighty Bible has been endorsed by everyone from Hollywood Producer Ralph Winter, producer of X-Men, Fantastic Four, Star Trek to one of the best evangelical Old Testament scholars, Professor Tremper Longman, PhD (Westmont College), to family ministry expert, Jim Burns (Homeword Radio) to best selling author Mark Oestreicher.

The creators for The Almighty Bible have a strong track record. Producer Kevin O’Donnell is the creator and co-producer of PBS’ award winning Liberty’s Kids series and his partner Dong Chung co-produced episodes of the “Adventures in Oddysey” series from Focus on the Family. The Almighty Bible is published by Apple of the Eye, a company founded on Christian principles, that is dedicated to making the project a global success. 10 of the most important books of the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – are already in production and an online world is in development.


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