Celebrating 40 years in music, pioneering Christian artist Matthew Ward announced today he will release ‘Easter Song – A New Arrangement’ on his Matthew Ward Ministry website on April 01.

Recognized for his signature tenor voice and known to millions of Christians worldwide, Matthew Ward is considered one of the great vocalists of any musical genre. At the young age of 13, Ward recorded his first solo track “Jesus Is” while a member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame group ‘2nd Chapter of Acts’ along with his two sisters, Annie Herring and Nelly (Ward) Greisen. Matthew and his two sisters performed together from 1973 to 1988.

As the trio gradually started singing for local coffee houses and small gatherings, they eventually gained the notice of Pat Boone who arranged a contract to record and release two singles with MGM, “Jesus Is” (1972), recorded on Matthew’s 13th birthday, and “I’m So Happy” (1973). The fledgling trio also came to the attention of 1960s folk singer Barry McGuire, who had recently become a Christian and was preparing to record his first Christian music album, produced by Buck Herring. The siblings provided background vocals for Seeds and McGuire’s 1974 follow-up Lighten Up.

Following his Gospel Music Hall of Fame career with 2nd Chapter of Acts, Matthew continues to record solo work and minister in concert. He has worked with other such artists as Donna Summer, Leann Rimes, Randy Stonehill, Sandi Patti, Keith Green, Dennis Jernigan, John Michael Talbot, Jordin Sparks and many, many others.

When initially composed in 1974 by Annie, ‘Easter Song’ was envisioned as a possible choral arrangement.. However, after much consideration and prayer, Easter Song was recorded by Ward and his sisters and the rest, as they say, is history.

In reflecting on his new rendition of the classic, Ward shares “Doing a new arrangement of Easter Song was a bit daunting. Our drummer years ago probably said it best: ‘Doing a new arrangement of Easter Song, was like putting chrome on the Ark of the Covenant'”.

Easter Song has been covered by artists such as the late Keith Green and the group GLAD.

‘Easter Song – A New Arrangement’ is a powerful and refreshing reminder that Jesus truly has risen, just as He said!

‘Easter Song – A New Arrangement’ will be available as a digital release on Matthew Ward’s web page at www.matthewward.com as well as CD Baby and other fine digital outlets.

In case you didn’t notice, Matthew’s solo album, Armed And Dangerous, made it on our Top 100 Christian Rock Albums of All Time list.



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