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American music icon Marty Stuart received two GRAMMY nominations for “Best Country Collaboration With Vocals” for “I Run To You,” the stunning duet written and performed with his wife and country music queen Connie Smith and “Best Country Instrumental” for “Hummingbyrd,” his tribute to the great guitarist Clarence White.   Stuart is on a mission to preserve traditional country music with contributions including an award-winning TV show, outstanding memorabilia collection and the critically acclaimed quintessential country album, GHOST TRAIN (THE STUDIO B SESSIONS), that includes these two GRAMMY nominated tracks.

“I’ve felt in my heart like traditional country music was important and needed some attention for a long time, and now to have the GRAMMY voters come along on that ride with us is so validating,” says Stuart.  “Mine and Connie’s story dates back all the way to 1970 when I first laid eyes on her at the Chocktaw Country Fair and told my Mama I was going to marry her when I grew up.   What an incredible occasion to be standing beside her all these years later and sharing a GRAMMY nomination for a song we wrote together on a Sunday afternoon drive,” says Stuart.  “And ’Hummingbyrd’ is my tribute to Clarence.  After his death I bought a guitar from his wife, which is now my main electric guitar and I’ve played it on a lot of records, but I’ve never felt like I’ve laid down a profound instrumental that pays homage to Clarence, until this song.”

The guitar is part of Stuart’s memorabilia collection that includes such outstanding pieces as: Patsy Cline’s cosmetic valise, a Johnny Cash “Man in Black” suit and Hank Williams, Sr.’s handwritten lyrics to “Your Cheatin’ Heart.” Parts of the collection are on tour around the country and have been on loan to Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and The Louvre.

To see a video clip of Stuart perform the GRAMMY nominated instrumental “Hummingbyrd,” click here

The Marty Stuart Show will debut it’s third season on Jan. 8 with Willie Nelson as the first guest. The show brings traditional country music into living rooms across the country every Saturday night on RFD-TV and continues to be the channel’s highest rated show.

Stuart is currently producing a new album with his wife Connie Smith to be released in 2011.  This will be her first album of new material in 13 years.   For more on GHOST TRAIN (THE STUDIO B SESSIONS) and The Marty Stuart Show, visit



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