It will convene August 3-6, 2010 at the fabulous 2,000 acres and rustic elegant lodge at Kalein@Round Cove. If you have a gifted female artist in your church or as a friend or family member, here is a rare opportunity for her to be mentored by one of the most amazing artists the CCM world has ever known.

It is important that Margaret has agreed to lead this very intimate Master Class & Retreat since there are not many experienced female artists who are willing to mentor young female artists.

“Maggie B” is an award-winning artist and the recipient of Europe’s 2003 Lumiére du Monde Award for public service. She equips the poets. The dreamers. The thinkers. She works to bring people together locally to fashion inspiration that changes humanity globally. Dubbed an iconoclast, a lightning rod and an anomaly, Margaret has spent her career encouraging and empowering persons seeking to work creatively to make a difference in the world. Though most came to know her through her music, it has been through the expanded opportunities of speaking, book writing and teaching that have allowed Margaret to continue to grow in her career as a leader.

A key element of what good art is to me is its ability to change people, to move them toward doing something they wouldn’t normally do,” she says. And that’s what she hopes to achieve, for herself and those she encounters. She started out as a recording artist, spending the preponderance of her career with EMI’s Sparrow Records. Across 10 albums—and still counting—she’s accumulated four Dove Awards, four Grammy nominations and 20 No. 1 radio hits. She’s been named songwriter of the year by American Songwriter magazine, the same honor she’s received seven times from the performance rights organization SESAC. Every honor is a cherished one for this prolific songwriter who sings with an enviable voice and fashions a presence that’s at once humble and captivating.

But helping people achieve fulfilling lives drives her, and Margaret’s leadership here is remarkable. She has dedicated herself, as a mentor and record producer, to leading young artists toward creative excellence. Further, Margaret has worked as a guest lecturer on the arts to the Gospel Music Association’s Academy of Arts and serves on the boards of the Sparrow Foundation and of the East Nashville Center for the Creative Arts. She’s the author of three books— the elegant memoir With New Eyes (Harvest House-1999), Growing Up Together (Harvest House-2000), and Braving the Elements: RandomHouse/Waterbrook Press, 2004), which describes living from one personal gifts, outward. She’s been tapped as a lecturer to university students, pastors, business leaders and congregations.

Having lived so much of her professional and spiritual life in public view, Margaret has gained unique credibility now enabling her to be a guide in people’s lives. Like a lush tree where people rest on the strength of mature branches and find shelter under its broad leaves, it’s Margaret’s desire to help people find what they need from that nurturing place. “To empower and encourage people.” It’s what she deems her life mission. And it seems that here, in her continuation of 17 years as a venerable public figure, she is doing just that.

Retreat Cost: $699. per person (Includes lodging and food while at retreat. This does not include travel.)

For Margaret’s Full Bio click HERE

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