Beyond fronting a number of original bands, touring extensively and developing a loyal following, Luke Dowler is now emerging as a strong solo artist with the debut of Compared To You.  Released in partnership with The Music Coope, the album can be purchased online through iTunes,, and, as well as at live performances.

A collection of original worship songs penned by Dowler, Compared To You was also produced by the multi-faceted musician and engineered by legendary Vineyard worship leader and Music Coope founder, Kevin Prosch.  The project was mixed and mastered by industry veteran, Aaron Sternke (Amy Grant, Third Day, MercyMe).

“While we were in the studio with Luke and band, these songs just began to jump out at me from behind the console,” explains Prosch.  “I knew at that moment we were listening to something unique and certainly not the same old top 40 worship junk.  It’s a good listen!”

Sternke adds, “Every album I hear from Luke, his songwriting gets better and better.  Compared To You is his most well-developed, deepest and most vulnerable work yet.  Not afraid of bearing his soul, Luke has crafted a well-balanced and passionate album that really does hit all the right notes.  Listening to it makes me root for him and want to sing along!”

No stranger to the world of an artist, Dowler has served as frontman for several groups, including ska band The Royal Rangers and rock foursome Three Minutes From Home, who later changed their name to Veteran Greene.  He has toured the world, from Melborne to Montreal and traveled extensively across the U.S., sharing the stage with the likes of the Newsboys, Skillet, Audio Adrenaline, Petra and John Reuben, as well as performing large events such as Festival Con Dios, Creation Northwest, FreedomFest, HideoutFest and the Impact World Tour.

Recently stepping out as a solo artist, Dowler continues to perform Veteran Greene material, but is shifting his focus to worshipful themes of faith, hope and grace, the human condition and a loving God.

“I wanted to write an album I could use to remind myself of God’s faithfulness,” says Dowler.  “We can so easily forget that, and we start to build our own little insulated kingdoms because it’s within our control to do so. But no matter the state of the economy, or the political climate, no matter health or the circumstance, God is faithful.  If we make room for Him in our lives, He shows us how far beyond His love and faithfulness will go. Hopefully people hear this record and want to make more room in their lives for God to show who He really is. I am a firm believer – compared to Him there is nothing better.”

To accompany the album, Dowler has also debuted two music videos for the songs “Never Changes” and title track, “Compared To You.”  Produced by Jordan Halland and Moose Lake Media, the videos can be found on Dowler’s YouTube page ( as well as  A third video is in production now.

Compared To You can be purchased digitally now through and will be available April 15th on and Physical copies of the album are available through the Music Coope site, and at live performances.

Dowler plans to tour in support of Compared To You, with stops this Spring and Summer throughout British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, Alaska and various cities across the U.S.

For more information about Luke Dowler and Compared To You, and for current touring details, please visit and follow him on twitter at



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