Kicking off the international version of the conversation of “Why is the gospel of love dividing America?” Lord Save Us From Your Followers will make its television broadcast premiere on a special edition of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s anchor show Praise The Lord on July 15, 2010 at 7:00pm PST.  The show is sure to pique interest and have a spirited discussion as the show will be hosted by Paul Crouch Jr., with head bumper-sticker man Dan Merchant appearing as his special guest.

The show will be airing the film in its entirety, with live cut-ins to Crouch and Merchant discussing the topics.  “Lord Save Us Form Your Followers is one of the most inspirational messages of what we as Christians should be doing to impact this world,” explains Crouch. “People for the most part have no problem with Jesus Christ, it is Christians that they many times take issue with.  We must learn to get out of the way and allow Christ to shine though us and reflect His love, not our own selfish agendas.”

Lord Save Us From Your Followers features exclusive interviews with Senator Al Franken, former Senator and religious right ally Rick Santorum, New York Times best-selling author, William Paul Young (The Shack), noted liberal evangelical Tony Campolo, conservative radio host Michael Reagan and racial reconciliation activist Dr. John Perkins, as well as news clips of Bono, Bill Maher, Bill O’Reilly, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, George Clooney, Pastor Rick Warren (The Purpose Driven Life), and evangelists James Dobson, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.  Balanced with humor and insight, the film leaves no stone unturned in presenting a refreshingly amicable examination of religious warfare and the numerous hot-button issues that come along with it.

Variety said of the film, Admirably bold…It would take a hard heart indeed not to be moved.”  Chicago Sun Times proclaimed, “Lord, Save Us aims to raise the level of religious discourse…a convincing argument for civil debate”, while The Oregonian described the film as A peace offering, not a battle cry.”  “A brilliant documentary,” exclaimed the San Antonio Express News, and the Dove Foundation said, Five out of Five.  We gladly encourage viewers to make use of this important film.  It could be life changing.”

As discussion of religion floods the media, the rhetoric is divisive, hyper, and most often, angry. Dan decides to find out why the Gospel of Love is dividing America and brings the sensibilities of someone who is deeply concerned with how his faith is being represented by others. After talking with scores of men and women on streets all across the nation, as well as interviewing many well-known active participants in today’s “Culture Wars,” he realized that the public discussion of faith doesn’t have to be contentious.

With humor more common in a comedy-sketch program than a documentary, Lord Save Us provides a provocative, funny, and redemptive discussion that is sure to continue long after the credits run.

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