Opens in Theatres February 26, 2010
Presented By Salem Radio Networks
Writer/Director Dan Merchant To Attend Sneak-Peek Tour
Behind-The-Scenes TV Special To Air on Trinity Broadcasting Network
Online World Premiere on
DVD To Be Released April 20th
‘Heartfelt…an effective call for greater understanding.”
–       Los Angeles Times
“A peace offering, not a battle cry.”
– The Oregonian
“Moving and Memorable”
–       Hollywood Reporter
“Michael Moore-meets-Monty Python.”
– USA Today

Portland, OR – During a time of crisis, most people turn to their faith in search of hope and comfort, and while some communities are coordinating relief efforts, others are pointing fingers and condemning victims. Public expression of faith stirs up more controversy than inspiration, and following most recent examples of the tragedy in Haiti, the critically acclaimed documentary, Lord, Save Us From Your Followers is returning to theatres with the support of Salem Radio Networks.

Writer/Director, Dan Merchant, is putting on his bumper-sticker-clad jumpsuit once again while asking America to stop yelling at each other, and start conversing with one another. With tactful use of humor, his mission to get beyond the superficial bickering certainly got people thinking, and the film was awarded “Best Spiritual Documentary of 2008” by  Praised by USA Today as, “A humorous and heartfelt examinations of the culture wars”, Lord, Save Us From Your Followers opens in theatres, February 26th.

After a successful run in 15 cities, Salem Radio Networks proudly presents another limited theatrical release of the powerful documentary in over 13 cities.  There will also be a special sneak-preview tour with Dan Merchant in each opening city throughout the month of February.  The film will make a number of new theatrical debuts including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Seattle, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and many others.

In addition, and to help kick off the highly anticipated DVD debut on April 20th, “Lord, Save Us TV – The Conversation,” a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film, with comments, conversations, and audience reaction will premiere on Trinity Broadcasting Network, as well as an online premiere on the faith-based, family friendly network,

The documentary features exclusive interviews with Senator Al Franken, former Senator and religious right ally Rick Santorum, NY Times best-selling author, William Paul Young (The Shack), noted liberal evangelical Tony Campolo, conservative radio host Michael Reagan and racial reconciliation activist Dr. John Perkins, as well as news clips of Bono, Bill Maher, Bill O’Reilly, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, George Clooney, Pastor Rick Warren (The Purpose Driven Life), and evangelists James Dobson, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.  Balanced with humor and insight, the film leaves no stone unturned in presenting a refreshingly amicable examination of religious warfare and the numerous hot-button issues that come along with it.

Variety said of the film, “Admirably bold…It would take a hard heart indeed not to be moved.” Chicago Sun Times proclaimed, “Lord, Save Us aims to raise the level of religious discourse…a convincing argument for civil debate”, while The Oregonian described the film as “A peace offering, not a battle cry.” “A brilliant documentary,” exclaimed the San Antonio Express News, and the Dove Foundation said, “Five out of Five.  We gladly encourage viewers to make use of this important film.  It could be life changing.”

As discussion of religion floods the media, the rhetoric is divisive, hyper, and most often, angry. Dan decides to find out why the Gospel of Love is dividing America and brings the sensibilities of someone who is deeply concerned with how his faith is being represented by others. After talking with scores of men and women on streets all across the nation, as well as interviewing many well-known active participants in today’s “Culture Wars,” he realized that the public discussion of faith doesn’t have to be contentious.

With humor more common in a comedy-sketch program than a documentary, Lord, Save Us provides a provocative, funny, and redemptive discussion that is sure to continue long after the credits run.

There have been over 100 screenings at colleges, churches and special theatrical engagements all over the country, conservative and liberal, Christian and non-Christian audiences, including:  Yale Univ., Lewis & Clark College, Reed College, SW Missouri Baptist, Dallas Theological Seminary, Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Foursquare National Convention, Association of College Student Life Directors and the Mastermedia National Summit, just to name a few.

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About the Author/Director, DAN MERCHANT:

Merchant is an award-winning writer/director who began his career selling sketch comedy to the Seattle late night institution Almost Live!, before settling in at CBS affiliate KOIN-TV in Portland, Oregon where he won an IRIS award for We’re Makin’ Movies, and three Northwest Region Emmys for writing/producing The Dr. Wilderness Show and the original Bill Nye the Science Guy pilot.  He became the Executive Producer/Writer of VH1’s critically acclaimed “rock and roll Twilight Zone” anthology series, Strange Frequency.   Thomas Nelson publishers released the companion book to Lord, Save Us From Your Followers in March 2008.  Outreach magazine nominated the book for a 2008 Resource of the Year Award in the Culture category. A follow-up book entitled Loving Kindness Actually Works is also underway.


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